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    replacement DC GD-ROMS at liksang

    Saw these at liksang.. if you had a newer DC with no MIL-CD support, would a replacement GD-ROM add that support? or if you had an older DC with MIL-CD support, would a replacement GD-ROM remove that support? seems to me the support would be determined in the GD-ROM, since if it was in bios...
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    pocket flash 32mbit cart?

    ^^ for the neo geo pocket color pocket link accessory.. from bung.. like the flashroms for the gameboy/gba cart writers, just for neo geo pocket.. i can find the 32 mbit cart on lik-sang, but they like chargin moolah, wonderin if anyone knows any other sites which might have one..
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    any way we could put together a comprehensive list of which sega cd (and some saturn i've found like 3wonders) require TAO, require DAO, or just plain dont care? It seems all the working designs games (lunars and vay) i've tried require TAO.. i thought if i just burned all my sega cd poop in...
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    whats the story..

    now you have to call a euro 1-900 number to get the code to dl the isos? sheeit.. i wish people like that would juss piss the #### off.. if you dont want to contribute to the scene, dont.. ya sure as #### dont deserve to get paid for what we all consider a hobby.. anyone has the code, go ahead...
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    Which do and which dont?

    is it that the goldstar systems have a protection that prevents em from playing backups, or is it just the quality of the lazer? (ie; turbo duo or sega cd units all play em fine, its just the media you use that can screw it over) if its a protection, which models have it, which dont?