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    Vga boot issue

    the utopia boot CD is not compatible with VGA box, even if games are. is there a workaround ?
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    VGA boot CD

    is there a Boot CD compatible with the VGA box ?
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    I need schematics to wire a S-video output

    Does anyone have the schematics ? thank you in advance
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    Anyone got the 4 players adpter schematics ?

    I am looking for a multitap 100% compatible with the sega 4 players adapter (not the EA one), 4 players playing is allowed in micro machine only with the genuine SEGA adapter. if someone could find the schematics, it would be very welcome. Thank you
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    S-Video on genesis

    Is there a S-video connector for genesis ?
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    link cable pinout

    I am looking for the link cable between two "riding hero" cartridges for my NeoGeo's. It's basically two 3.5 jacks but I have no idea of the pinout. If someone can help...
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    4 players micro machine II

    Hello folks, I have a working sega4player adapter (it works with other games) but I can not start 4 players game with micro machine II, I have no mention on screen about 4 players, I can only start 2 players games, or tournament, but always with only 2 cars at the same time on screen. The box...
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    CDR-w on Saturn

    is there any trick to use CDR-W on saturn ?