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    Can the VCD board be used on a US Sat or does it only work on a Jap Saturn?
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    favorite movie

    Lets see... Back to the Future series, Nightmare on Elm Street series (except the New Nightmare movie)
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    My favorites are the Sonic series , Virtual Bart, Chakan
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    SegaCD losing games saves

    Guess I'll open my SCD up and replace the battery :)
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    Where to buy MVS carts

    What are some other places with affordable pricing? Anyone else here own a MVS?
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    GG Games

    What about Sonic the Hedgehog?
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    SegaCD losing games saves

    Anyone know why this might happen? Is there a battery in the SCD like in the Saturn that needs changing?
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    CDRWin failing to rip Saturn CDs

    I have just about the same problem with my Yamaha burner. When I use CDRwin / EZCDPro 95 to create a image file it craps out the the end with a bad read or some to that effect. But I can use Nero and create a .nrg image of the CD without problems, then I use WinISO to convert it.
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    Saturn Model 1 Modchip

    Wheres a good, reliable source for a Model 2 modchip?
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    Saturn Model 1 Modchip

    Anyone know if there is such a thing for the model 1 saturn? Or am I better off getting a model 2 saturn and modchip for it and ditch the model 1.