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    Dreamcast TO Saturn adapter?

    ah i the #### with it im jus gonna open up the stick an make a connector from there, should be simpler.
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    Naki Controller

    I had a super pad 8 that i found new in a store, got it cause thats all they had....well cheap ass $3 controller broke with couple hrs of use. I got a nyko controller with my saturn, works pretty good...sturdy.
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    Dreamcast TO Saturn adapter?

    Got a agetec stick 4 dc an wonderin if there are any pinouts for dc connectors. I know there are saturn to dc adapters but i want the other way around. Plan on gettin a controller extension cable an splicin that up. Anyone know where there are some pinouts/directions or anyone done it b4?
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    Yes!  Finally got a new Saturn

    buyrites units are used, or if they are new they r sellin used 1's...cant trust those fukerz
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    NHL 2K2

    looks to be the last us rls.
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    Portable DC??

    interact sells somthing like that, mainly for gamecube but i've seen it on saturn/dc sale pages before.
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    i'm sad

    now listen here you sick sons of bitches, lay off the dogs/cats/whateva else, go back to eatin rice u fukerz.... shit i eva visit korea an see that kinda shit i'll start executing people on the spot.
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    Pro Action Replay

    i've got a couple of interact 8mb carts that have direct save. Not sure if they work on all games tho, know dragon force has direct save/load on it. bought em from a funco, 8bux each. new. if u can find em they go quickly or so they say. once an while you'll find em on ebay for round 20bux or so
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    Neo geo us or jap

    you can do a country mod. there are some places that sell the bios chips an shit
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    biku biku somthin somthin...

    saw a game, biku biku but dont know the exact name...anyone here know? its 1 of those jap titles obviously
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    senseless poll

    well you know you'd really be fukt if she says all of the above...
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    shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

    that fuker dj clue doesnt hardly do shit, a couple of filters maybe, in cheap audio editing progz at that an then shouts some dum ass shit on it....fukin h8 that prick ass no talent hack
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    Riping vids from segacd

    get a radeon video card, they have nice video ins'. that or a matrox 2500....well good place to look about vid ins is
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    drawer style segacd's

    where can i get a drawer style segacd-usa vers with box? good cond preferably. anyone know of any sites besides ebay?
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    Anyone have diagrams for wire splicing...

    anyone got diagrams or know of a site for directions on wire splicing controllers....genesis...saturn....sms...etc so you can hook the controllers up to your computer....i've looked at over 30 controllers for the computer and i bought the 2 best that i could find and they both suck for emulators....
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    Flash cart for gamegear?

    for roms and stuff, are there flash carts for the gamegear....rather not play it em on a pc, but a real gamegear would be preferable....can anyone point me towards some information about em? i know there are flash carts for gameboy, GBA, an NGP and NGPC..... would be cool to be able to put a...
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    What is your favorite "Underdog" game?

    le mans 24hr for dc WAS crap, i'm sorry to say, well not realy....but no matter how many times you try to play it, it does suck. Maybe you like it cause your an aussie, who knows....but seriously i couldn't play it with a controller or the ferrari racing wheel. MSR and F355 on the other hand...
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    Samurai Swords

    over at the official highlander tv show site u can pickup a hand made katana, nice ones too...for round $300
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    Favourite game music

    metal gear solid 2 ooga booga, the lil kids like it, i think its funny... "OOOGA, (drum), BOOGA" sonic 1 sonic 2 panzer dragoon saga sonic cd tazmania for gen(was funny in parts) metal gear, regular old metal gear... sonic spinball final fantasy 7 metal gear solid ice quake-sat...
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    Video Games History ...

    johnny mnemonic