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    Sad But True

    Back in the heyday of the SegaCD, you could call up Sega Of America and request hints for specific games. If you fumbled thru the buttons long enough, you could get a live operator. Being all of 13, I asked how they new all the cheats/hints/etc .... SOA provided them with a "cheat sheet " for...
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    3DO Lives AGAIN !!!

    Boys and girls, original GEX and Total Eclipse fans, the time has come!! Rejoice.. I've been working w/ several board users the past few days and am happy to announce that the ISO's are flowing in. So far we have about 5 games, plus others that users will be uploading this weekend. Also, I'll...
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    3do Rips ..

    Guys, I've never tried to rip a 3do game before, and have some other users who are looking to do it as well. Anyplace or anyone who can lead us to the promised land of 3do rip's ? I'm aware there is no copy protection on the disc's, but after that, is it like a saturn rip ? Posting in the Tech...
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    Saturn Mod ( Lik-sang )

    Guys, I've ordered a Saturn Mod from lik-sang, and I've never installed one before. I've read the instructions and it seems like a kinda easy install. However, are there any hurdles I should know about before I install it ? Like any tricks people who have done it could pass on to make life...
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    3D0 FTP

    I've created a 3do folder on my ftp site. Come on and upload what ya have ... segacd/upload
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    Sega Gen/CD AV ?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes either an s-video cable or pc monitor output for the genesis. I have a jam!box, but the gen only has the RF output. Any ideas ? Right now, i use the unit thru an ATI tv card .. Sol-Feace looks more like Sol-Feces !
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    Sega CD Gen1 Tip/Info

    Guys, Just in case anyone has an issue similar, I figured I'd post this. If you have a Generation 1 Sega CD and when you start the unit the Sega logo doesn't appear, but the planet background shows up , you press reset and it asks for a CD,you have a loose ribbon cable. The ribbon cable has a...
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    Virtual VCR

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone remebers a Disc called The Colors of Rock. It was a music VCD that you had to mail away for from sega ( when the original unit was released ) Anyone ever heard of, or remember this one ...