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    some one in the boob forum posted a tutorial on how to make your psx games boot in bleem games other then gt2 i could only get dragon ball gt to work so far
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    model 1 gen and model 2 sega cd

    when i hook my model 1 gen up to my sega cd model 2 side mount my sega cd wont work no power light no cd spin no nothing i took appart my get and made sure it fit into the side slot is there something that wont allow a model 1 gen and model 2 sega cd to work together
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    sega cd cords

    i just bought a sega cd model 1 with no cords what kind cords will i need to get this thing working
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    is a 3d0 worth owning

    i have heard 3do has some good games but most suck is it worth buying one
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    saturn emulator for dc

    on the dc emulation forums a few months back a man that worked for sega said sega had a working saturn emulator that would play all saturn games i think the guys name was john bird anyone have his email maybe he has a copy of this emulator