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    Dreamcast-Scene updated

    Dreamcast-Scene has been updated with a totally new design and a WIKI-based system. Check it out at :
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    Dreamcast multplayer fps games

    I just wondered what FPS games there are on the DC than can be played in spltscreen multiplayer. These are the ones I got : Quake III : Perfect conversion, looks amazing. Even today it impresses my most stubborn friends and it is darn fun to play. Outrigger : Another great game. Also...
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    Nintendo 64 emulation on Dreamcast!

    from DCEmulation : Nintendo 64 Emulation on the Dreamcast Posted by wraggster At 10:57 Theres not many news items that would have made me post today but this is sure enough a big enough piece of news to do so. GPF aka Troy Davis the author of the as yet unreleased GBA Emu for the Dreamcast...
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    Hidden levels in UT

    In the instruction book of Unreal Tournament for Dreamcast, it says that levels like Face and Lavagiant should be playable in multiplayer. Says up to 4 players for both of these. However, they are not there in the game. Do I have to unlock those levels in multiplayer or why arent they there?
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    NGPC games with DC connectibility

    Which Neo Geo Pocket games can I connect to the DC and what features do they have?
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    Final solution to DC reset problem!

    Even if it just happens once every half year, its still irritating to play games with the suspense that the DC might reset anytime. So I thougt, perhaps I could solder the PSU contacts to the connector. Then, there is no risk they will lose contact. I am pretty used to soldering, so that is not...
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    Basic for Sega Megadrive/Genesis

    Yep, its true! Now you can program your own Genesis games without needing to know any assembly. You can do them in basic! Check this page for more info :
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    About Save files for SFIII Scenario 3

    I just got Shining Force III Scenario 3, since I could not find Scenario 2. I already had Scenario 1. The problem is, I cant save. I have atleast 320 blocks of the internal memory free, and that should be enough right? So what I wonder is, is a save file from scenario 2 needed to save in...
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    GTA3 port for DC.

    It seems DC users will soon be able to play GTA3. Atleast according to this page : I dont know how true this is, but there is a screen here :
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    My new Dreamcast page!

    Here is my new Dreamcast-page : Eternal Dreams It aint got much content for the moment, but it will have soon! Please tell me what you think of the design and such.
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    Using a used version of PSO. How to...

    I just bought PSO v.2 and Dreamkey 3.0 and it worked great so I thought that I was finally going to play PSO online but something is wrong. It says that my game code is already in use on another dreamcast. I have the original code but since I bought it used someone has used it before. Is there...
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    New homebrew Dc game!

    Here is another interesting home-brew game coming for the Dreamcast. The game looks stunning and will probably be a bit like Resident Evil. For more info, check and this thread Long live the DC!
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    Updates to the Sat Dev page

    I have had some computer troubles (darn windows. Im using Linux Mandrake now so everything works like a dream :) ) And it seems I have missed some stuff. What I wonder is, is there anyone who has some new files that I should put up on the Sat-Dev page? If thats the case, post here.
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    How is it going with the SX T-shirts?

    How is it going with the SX T-shirts? I long to buy one...
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    Dreamcast Scene is launched!

    Former has changed into . The page is dedicated to bringing new DC-games to all players and its a great Initiative! Hope others will follow!
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    A nice Dc-fix I made

    My DC would sometimes not read the cds and instead go to the home-screen. After several times of opening and closing the lid the game would start. I fixed this by opening my Dc and putting a piece of tape on the switch that checks if the lid is open. This works fine with all games I have, so...
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    Which DC games has build in VMU games?

    Which DC games has build in VMU games? I guess there are more ones than Sonic Adventure and Sega GT. Anyone who knows?
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    My Dreamcast suddenly resets?

    My DC resets sometimes when I play games. For a day ago it did not. I have serached all over SX and found a few threads about it. However, all of those seem to give different advice. What is the best thing to do?
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    Europe DC servers?

    Is there any Europe DC servers left for any game?
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    Is there anyone who develops games for the DC?

    Is there anyone who develops games for the DC? I found this site : Are there any other good ones?