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    Saturn problem, stopped playing some games

    My saturn stopped loading some games. It is modded and everything is still hooked the way it should be. A few games will load up like Metal Black (cdr) but 98% of my games, backup or original appear to start loading up but then stop. Anyone have this problem before?
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    FTP board?

    I can't find the FTP message board and I haven't read anything on why it was removed?
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    Japan rpg to english translations?

    I've patched and played FF2-3 on the NES. of cource both of those never made it to the US. I found a place with patches you applied over the rom. that was several years ago. Now that i'm getting into Saturn so heavily I'm finding RPG's that I can't seem to find English versions of, Like Blue...
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    Anyone got a complete saturn release list?

    I could sure use one.. ???
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    How do i burn the .bin .cue that makes nero say

    Some bin cue files in nero come up 3,000-4000meg. it's the ones where the cue has more then just the bin link but also list's audio tracks, but there are no audio tracks in the .rars the .bin is 580meg.. anyone? please help, only way I've been able to get around this is to delete all the audio...
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    How do I use an ISO with Mixed media in EZCD 5.0 Plat?

    I can't seem to find a place to add the ISO file to the mixed media cd.. just the wave files to the music dir, If I double click the iso, it tries to burn it outright. nothing in properties etc. for iso file selection for media section. Or is there some other burner to do this besides ezcd 95...
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    Newbie, Just bought a Saturn .. Info plz

    I wouldn't mind the help, but from all I've read these boards are full of self satisfing morons. I figured the other crap out from other boards elsewhere, except the part about a mod chip. I don't really feel like swapping a cd so if anyone has some knowledge on this. Hola, I just bought a...