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    do u have any interest in the Virtual Boy system? can we start a section on that?
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    d2 game info

    can some one please tell me where i could get a DCI save file that would start me out on disc 3 of D2 - for dreamcast. or a spot near before or after that, but not at the end of the game......... i've looked everywhere online, but perhaps someone out there has a NEXUS memory card and could help...
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    can you people tell me what all games work with the link cable for connecting two DCs together (and i know about: virtual ON, F355, and Cap. vs. SNK already). or maybe a URL to where i can find this information. Gracias.
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    who here has done this........

    who here has been succesful in linking their DCs to thier PCs for internet access
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    to play online w/ the DC.........

    you need an ISP to connect online, and seganet to playonline, 2 seperate services, seganet does not let you conect online, correct?
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    Internet Free Access?

    can i use netzero or some free internet service to get online with my DC? if so, where can i get info on this, i know i have heard about it. thanks
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    burning rangers

    it seems it needs a special way to burn it, i can;t figure it out, what do i do?
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    Another juicy problem for yall

    okay, i burn games in bin/cue format and games work 100%, if there are iso/mp3 however i have tremodous problems with sound, i am doing the double swop, i am usign ez cd-pro 95', could it be in my wav converting? or something? what do you think
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    okay, i have used disc juggler for like a year now, and it's been good to me, and all the sudden i install easy-cd pro to burn asturn ISOs and DJ can't find my recorder anymore, what do i do now? i have all new drivers and firmwire. i reinstalled disc juggler twice, and no luck.. (in the case i...
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    Saturn Backup playing....

    sup, i bet this is a question been asked before, but i have burned a few games so far, and they work...... except that in a few of them (panzer dragoon). the videos stutter and it seems to me the SS pauses a bit while the music loads....... it seems to me like the cd isn't gettign the data off...
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    MODDING A 1995 july SATURN

    not too much of one anyway...... well i have thi 1995 saturn (july)which is a model 2 (is there a model 3, what time frame was it produced?) and when i open up the system, there is all sorts of secuitry on the top part of the case with wires that go to the bottom part of the cae, making it...
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    Tomb Raider video is strange

    hi again, well i got tombraider for the SS, and in game and in FMV, the screen is shifted to the right about 2 inces, it is annoying, and i don't know how to adjust it, it is the USA version of TR playing on a USA SS. does any one know anything about this? thanks
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    has anyone beat shenmue 2? i have just played a little, but i did beat the first one and loved it and have been waiting for this one for a long time. thank god i have it in english now, i was getting tired of trying to play with a fucking jap/american dictionary :) anything good to say about it
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    Please, help the fucking retard ....

    how, does a person put a gif in his sig file? i do not know how, i can do some html but it says it's not enabled. please drop a tard a trick.
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    Answer my questions two....

    ok, not really, but ............ here are the 2 questions, is there any performance imporvng techniuque you can use on the SS, i read somewhere about replaceing the cd-rom with a faster one but then it also said it was prolly not possible. so is there anything else? some kinda of graphics mod...
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    Tomb Raider originally for 32X?

    i read in a old ass copy of Next Generation Magazine about how Tomb Raider was Originally designed and was supposed to be released on the sega 32X, no joke, i'll dig it up and find out what issue and year if someone doubts me ........ does anyone know anything about this? is there a beta out...