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    Sega Genesis

    you will find SNES backup units on they sell the best ones, known as super wild card 32 DX, it's killer piece of hardware, trust me
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    broken mega cd

    I burnt my MegaCD using wrong powersupply, I had to unsolder the voltage regulator inside and replace it with a new one, now everything works fine. hope this helps.
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    Vga boot issue

    the utopia boot CD is not compatible with VGA box, even if games are. is there a workaround ?
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    I need schematics to wire a S-video output

    thank you very much, soldering iron time !
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    VGA boot CD

    is there a Boot CD compatible with the VGA box ?
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    I need schematics to wire a S-video output

    Does anyone have the schematics ? thank you in advance
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    Anyone got the 4 players adpter schematics ?

    I am looking for a multitap 100% compatible with the sega 4 players adapter (not the EA one), 4 players playing is allowed in micro machine only with the genuine SEGA adapter. if someone could find the schematics, it would be very welcome. Thank you
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    4 players micro machine II

    so well... has anyone got the schematics to buid a 100% compatible sega adapter ?
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    A/V Cable - PAL vs NTSC you have to wire red green blue sync audioR audioL and ground to inputs. this will bring you a separate RVB cable, with picture sharp as a knife. Hope this helps
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    S-Video on genesis

    Yes but where can we find Schematics to wire S-video on megadrive II ?
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    comments about NTSC-PAL switch

    you may find a H-center potentiometer INSIDE your TV, I f you can locate it by carefully testing, you may unsolder it, and wire to another one of the same value, placed on the back of the TV for example. this will be your H-center knob (you may do so for V-size, to reduce black bars for example)
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    S-Video on genesis

    Is there a S-video connector for genesis ?
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    Neo geo us or jap

    Does an american neogeo run as fast as a Japanese one ? Are they both 60Hz ?
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    4 players micro machine II

    EA multitap just worked fine with skidmarks, Since it's a Jcart, I could even play with 6 players at a time, two on the Jcart, and four on the EA adapter
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    link cable pinout

    that's what I guessed too, but I would like to 100% sure before burning two neogeo systems...
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    4 players micro machine II

    so well, does anybody has the schematics to build a 100% compatible SEGA multitap ?
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    4 players micro machine II

    I checked on the box , it says "only with a SEGA 4 players adapter, 4 players at a time or 8 with joypad sharing". My adapter seems to be an electronic arts Is there any difference between EA and SEGA...
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    link cable pinout

    I am looking for the link cable between two "riding hero" cartridges for my NeoGeo's. It's basically two 3.5 jacks but I have no idea of the pinout. If someone can help...
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    4 players micro machine II

    Hello folks, I have a working sega4player adapter (it works with other games) but I can not start 4 players game with micro machine II, I have no mention on screen about 4 players, I can only start 2 players games, or tournament, but always with only 2 cars at the same time on screen. The box...
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    CDR-w on Saturn

    is there any trick to use CDR-W on saturn ?