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    Editing colour pallettes

    Several Genny games have horrible colours that I would like to change. I am using Gens Kmod to extract a bin with the cram and then I try to find the values in the rom with Hexpose. I can´t find where the colour pallettes are... Could someone help me?
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    Last Bronx, PC version

    Hi everybody, last saturday I bought The House of the Dead and Last Bronx for PC at 2 euros each one. I liked both (technically they are not very good even comparing with titles from 1998 but they are funnier than a lot of games). In theory the music of Last Bronx is in cd audio but in the cd...
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    Columns on Amstrad CPC

    Hello everybody: Some Spanish guys have done a port of Columns for the old Amstrad CPC :banana . You can download here Columns cpc
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    What I found in Internet

    I have been searching information about MegaDrive or Genesis for a long time and it is very difficult to find things as number of units sold in USA, Europe etc, best selling games etc. Acording what I knew Genesis was the number three in Japan, the number one in Europe and the number one in USA...
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    Genesis graphics

    Hi everybody :) , I have several questions about Genesis graphics. 1. Can you use window with scroll A and B? 2. Distortion effects are done by hardware or software? 3. Can you use more than 16 colours in scroll A or B? Thanks.
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    Snatcher and mp3

    Two years ago I downloaded the iso and the mp3 (these came from different webs). Some of them were so bad that the game did not load in some places. I fixed that problem cutting the extra silence at the end (there is a web with the total time of mp3). Now, I am replaying the game (it is more...
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    Please Help

    Believe it or not I´ve got to write a document about these consoles at university. I have to answer this question: is there path dependency in the game consoles market? Path dependency is a theory that tryes to explain why a product succeds against other better products (in this case it would...
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    A finished game that was no released

    Looking for some information about megadrive in google I´ve found a web of a videogames company called Graftgold. They say that Fire and Ice, that was an Amiga game, was ported not only to Master System but also to MegaDrive, but this last port was never released. It would be a dream if someone...
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    Problems burning Lunar 1

    Hi guys, I bought a cd writer some weeks ago and I´ve burnt several isos. I´ve tried burning Lunar the Silver Star twice without success. I´m using Nero, in TAO, at 8x, Phillips 74 cdr and I get a cue file from segacuemaker. Under emulators it runs perfectly but when I try on the real...
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    burning with a pentium 200mmx?

    Hi guys, I have a megacd2 and some isos in my harddrive so I decided to buy a cd writer but I have read that the new ones require a pentium II at 300mhz. What can i do? My computer is quite old: pentium 200mmx with 128mb of RAM.
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    Distorted sound

    Hi guys, some time ago I read somewhere (the tavern?) that the Genesis could produce clear sound but that had a cheap and bad quality amplifier that distorted the final sound. Is this true? If so, could we use a compatible but better amplifier?
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    About sound in Genesis

    Hi guys, I don´t understand some things about sound in Genesis. Genesis has two sound chips, a yamaha with 6 fm channels and a PSG with four, controlled by a z-80 processor. But there´s something about DAC channels that play samples, drumming in music etc. These DAC channels (or just...
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    comments about NTSC-PAL switch

    Hi everybody I have made a ntsc-pal switch and a scart cable and the result is great. Games look better in full screen and with the scart the image is very clear and the sound is in stereo. But the image is not totally centered it is slightly on the left (just a little but i would prefer...
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    bad hardware or bad programation?

    We know that our genesis has some weak points but in my opinion many games could have been a lot better. For example our console displays 64 colours in a normal way, and more with special technics (128 in Ranger X) so programers (at least from the own Sega) could have made more games with more...
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    Spanish Genesis users

    Hi, if you can speak Spanish and want some action goto to the forum of classic consoles of and enter in the fight Snes VS MegaDrive, and other users who can not speak Spanish can write things against SuperNes or good things of MD and then I will post them there. Thanks.