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  1. vbt

    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    Saturn have unexpected powers, see the 2 DSP, the unused SH1, the 68k which can be used now to decompress sound thanks to @Ponut64 The 3D map vould deserve some investigations, either to improve the Driving sample or to find games which could use it (GT24 ? some sega games ?)
  2. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    The Advent calendar continues, still many days to earn prizes :
  3. vbt

    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    i'm kidding, there is neither 1M poly demo nor vf3 models
  4. vbt

    PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 1.0

    This patch patches PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 to replace the sounds (like the ones from the main character) and the videos by the Japanese ones. v1.0 by s10k 2021-11-29
  5. vbt

    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    let's share the shenmue sample and the 1 millions polys
  6. vbt

    Beyond Oasis (U) ?

    what's the target language ?
  7. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

  8. vbt

    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    Garfield wants to remain anonymous
  9. vbt

    Wolf3D for Dreamcast with the music taken from 3DO ver by Ian Michael

    it can't beat the saturn version !
  10. vbt

    New Dreamcast Game : Encuentro No Casual by Ryo Suzuki

    a new website will be launched soon with all the information. Meanwhile here are some of the details: El prólogo de 'Encuentro no casual' saldrá pronto a la venta en formato físico
  11. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    "We've reached a new Stretch Goal for the GRAND STICK, a new cable will be added to the box but is it going to be: A. NEC PC Engine (Not TurboGraphX) B. SEGA Saturn Help-us decide!"
  12. vbt

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    wow it's official on twitter ! the force of the blue cow ! thanks for this release @cafe-alpha
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    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    Don't miss the grand stick !!!
  14. vbt

    Astro City Mini Mod / hack

    this mini console has great potential and would deserve more games added at least virtua racing, star wars and complete set by system (s1,s2,c2,s16,s18, etc) it was finally released worldwide but it wasn't hacked yet. Why no love for this ? even gg mini was hacked.
  15. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    a dreamcast version is unlocked !
  16. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    project funded !! i bet some great extended goals will be revealed at lease we can see a switch version
  17. vbt

    [Unreleased] Waterworld

    another article :
  18. vbt

    Paprium on Kickstarter !

    now paprium mini on the Game Gear !
  19. vbt

    Metal Dragon - New action packed game for the Megadrive by Kai Magazine Software

    add a 2 players mode and it's perfect