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  1. Random Hajile

    Where are you from...?

    The land of surf and shine California, USA
  2. Random Hajile

    What Age is Everyone?

  3. Random Hajile

    close encounters

    What is your definition of a Fanboy?
  4. Random Hajile

    This is a travesty!!!  Come show your love 4 Sega&#33

    Want to see another stupid comparison? I visited last night and saw them pit Duke Nukem vs. Iori from KOF!!?? Now this is a stupid comparison! (just like Tails vs. Alucard) who is the guy picking these matchups? :buck What's next? Nintendo's Bowser vs. Axel Stone From Streets of Rage?
  5. Random Hajile

    close encounters

    Face it guys, Your opinions on Sony are no better than their opinions of the Dreamcast. Since it bothers you so much when they insult DC, why do you do it with the PS2?? It's the same behavior....
  6. Random Hajile

    Lunar RPG on SX

    I think I'm like Squall from FF8. I'm quiet, most of the time I'm anti-social (I like it that way), and I'm usually too wrapped up in my own problems to give a damn about anyone else's
  7. Random Hajile

    Farewell Thread...

    Hope we see you back here soon
  8. Random Hajile

    does the menacer work with sms games

    For the most part, yes. But some games don't work too well with the MD pads. If I had my PBC manual with me right now I'd list them for you....
  9. Random Hajile

    32x lead for mega drive 1?

    I believe that: has the part you need
  10. Random Hajile

    does the menacer work with sms games

    Yes, Its the exact same plug. The Genesis/Mega Drive can use any SMS accessory when the Power Base Converter is plugged in, SMS peripherals work just like they would if you were using them on a standard SMS. The Phaser, sports pad, contol pads, and the 3D glasses all work without problems.
  11. Random Hajile

    does the menacer work with sms games

    You mean the Regular SMS Light Phaser? Yes.
  12. Random Hajile

    does the menacer work with sms games

    The answer is no, the Menacer is a different internal design than Sega's Light Phaser and will not work on SMS games.
  13. Random Hajile

    sonic cd jap

    Track 02 is the time travel noise in every release version of Sonic CD, US, EUR and JAP. Try turning on Gens perfect sync mode, then the game should run fine.
  14. Random Hajile

    F*!k Lik-Sang

    From what I'm reading it sounds like Lik-Sang started offering to sell the modded units before they really knew the time it took to complete the installation process. It's Lik-Sang's fault if they decided to start selling a service based on someone else's product without doing it themselves a...
  15. Random Hajile


    Yah And ban da spammer!!
  16. Random Hajile

    The best of the best

    You should ammend that to be *most* 3DO games rule Have you ever seen Plumbers Don't Wear Ties ? ??? Geez is that awful!! and lets not forget Shadow War Of sucession cool name, but an awful game.
  17. Random Hajile

    what song are you listening to

    Here Comes the Rain - The Cult next up is Shot in the Dark By Ozzy, then it will be: Silent Lucidity by Queensryche
  18. Random Hajile

    Best Sega cd soundtracks

    My vote would be for the Japanese/European version of Sonic CD. Although there's nothing exactly wrong with the USA Sonic CD's music, it just can't compete.
  19. Random Hajile

    what song are you listening to

    Nirvana, they just started gaining popularity when I was in Jr high. that brings back memories!! I'm glad to see they have active fans.....
  20. Random Hajile

    what song are you listening to

    Right now? Subterfuge by Judas Priest