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    Sentimental Graffiti

    Hiyall! I just got my copy of Sentimental Graffiti today (IMHO very cheap, $6 on ebay), but to the day, I've been searching the web for a decent translation. The game is just so kawaii (sorry, I'm a sucker for these kind of games ever since Season Of the Sakura... however that one was in...
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    Dance Mat Compability

    Hi y'@ll! I've got the chance to get a Dance Mat for the DC very cheap. It's called "Dance Performance". However I've got no idea if it is a "special" Controller, meaning games if recognize it as a normal controller. I'm keen on trying out Space Channel 5 with it, but the game makes no remark...
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    Repairing a GD

    Hiho People! Following problem occured today: i bought my first used DC game (Gauntlet Legends). When I looked at the disc, I noticed a few minor scratches, however nothing serious (at least I thought, only knowing the durability of CDs). However the game either doesn't load on my DC (returns...