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  1. Danthrax

    Best Solution for Playing Translations?

    I use a Satiator and I love it. You just pop it in the back of your Saturn, then slide an SD card into it with all the translations you can fit onto it.
  2. Danthrax

    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    I'm really excited that you've uploaded an updated patch for this game — Ninpen Manmaru is the first English fan translation I played when I got into the Saturn a few years ago. Knight0fDragon said on Discord that you're going to work with him to tweak a few things, so if I might make a...
  3. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    You probably missed replacing the VCDM file, which is where those lines are stored.
  4. Danthrax

    Balloonatics Thread

    Do you have an updated build that implements this load time fix?
  5. Danthrax

    Segaxtreme Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition Showreel

    I appreciate this showreel because it's taught me what I'm supposed to do in Cubecat. :biglaugh:
  6. Danthrax

    Translating Fire Pro Blazing Tornado

    Whew that looks like a lot of work. Great job so far!
  7. Danthrax

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Hi, on behalf of the entire Bulk Slash English Localization Team, I'm submitting our Bulk Slash patch in the Hacks, Patches, and Translations category. For legal reasons, I can't post prepatched bin and cue files, but you can find the SSP patch file at our Resource page here: Bulk Slash...
  8. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Danthrax updated Bulk Slash (English) with a new update entry: Version 1.001 improves compatibility with Mednafen Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash (English) - Version 1.001 improves compatibility with Mednafen

    This small update to the Bulk Slash English patch changes the header file's region from every region at once to Japan only, which should prevent Mednafen from getting confused and setting itself to a U.S. BIOS, thus enabling Mednafen users to play the patched game without having to turn off...
  10. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash (English) 1.001

    A full English localization of Bulk Slash, including dubs of all voices in-game and during ending cutscenes, as well as an implementation of the Twin Stick controller.
  11. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Every other Wednesday, I've tweeted updates about our progress on the Bulk Slash English project. But today I have a different update: A patch release day! I'm excited to announce we plan to finally release the patch to the public this Friday during the Shiro Show! We'll also be debuting the...
  12. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Here's our project's progress over the last two weeks... Knight0fDragon fixed all remaining bugs with the Twin Stick controls. The Twin Stick controller is now fully implemented in Bulk Slash for the first time ever, adding to the Sega Saturn's small library of Twin Stick-optimized games...
  13. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    We're in the final stretch as we put the final pieces in place! Knight0fDragon added a "TYPE-D" graphic to the twin stick controller screen and fixed the positioning of the labels on the controller screens. He fixed the label positions on the other control schemes' screens, too. He's still...
  14. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    No, but we're in the home stretch! We're hoping to release it before the end of the year, at least.
  15. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Lots of progress on Bulk Slash in the last two weeks! Jiggle85 and Patrick have finished the romantic theme heard in Metical and Colòn's endings — you can check it out here: Compare that to how the original sounds: And they're basically finished with the music heard in the main ending —...
  16. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Here's the latest... Lacquerware has mixed together the voices and sound effects for Kina and Metical's endings. That makes for three endings whose audio is ready to get music re-added, along with Rupia's, which he mixed late last month. Lacquerware also recorded lines for the reporter seen in...
  17. Danthrax

    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    That looks cool at nighttime. Might look nice to have the reflection on the car disappear when it goes through a shadow, if that's possible.
  18. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Things have started to pick up a bit in the last couple weeks with the project. Patrick and Jiggle85 have finished two of the three tunes heard in the navigators' endings. As for the other tune and the general ending music, they report that they're pretty much done, with maybe a couple of tweaks...
  19. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    We're getting closer to being able to redub all of the endings in Bulk Slash, wrap up this project and get it out to everyone. Shadowmask found public domain sound effects to recreate every sound effect heard in each ending. He put in some great work toward an important step in redubbing the...
  20. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    Quick Bulk Slash update today. Greg has translated the fold-out manual that came in the CD case with Bulk Slash in Japan, and I gave it an editing pass. I'll begin paginating an English version of the manual soon. Shadowmask has generously volunteered to work on recreating the ending...