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    So if SO does not work?

    I was wondering if Saturn Orbit is bugged for me and has yet to be updated in a looong time, what do I do? Is there any other development environment I can learn from to make Saturn games on? Seriously this is driving me crazy I can't make games for the Dreamcast dev cpp cause its bugged and is...
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    Linker Error

    After finnaly getting Saturn Orbit and Dev-C++ to work I keep getting these Linker Errors and Unidentified Refrence to MAIN in the first Saturn TUtorial file when I try to compile anything, any ideas?
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    LUA First Sample Not Working

    Ok I got it to make the ISO but no HELLO WORLD in Yabuse, this is what my file contains: slInitSystem(TV_320x240, 0, 1) slPrint("Hello World!") while true do slSynch() end
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    LUA First Sample Not Working

    I tried doing this: "Go to subdirectory SaturnLuaPlayer/samples/ and make a copy of a sample directory of your choice, name it as you like. Open SaturnLuaPlayer/samples/myprojectname/cd/0_orig.lua in a text editor. Modify that Lua code or start from scratch with something like that...
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    Saturn Orbit Problems

    I know I have complained about problems with this thing before but long story short I was forced to delete Saturn Orbit and start over but the program just says it has an error when I start and shuts down , I have not installed the 1 patch that exists yet, is this why?
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    Dreamcast Programming?

    Once installed I can't even find the damn .exe lol, anybody mind helping me out here?
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    Saturn Orbit Not Working.

    Problem Fixed :P, programmings weird.
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    Dreamcast Programming?

    What would be the Dreamcast equivalent of "Saturn Orbit" ?
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    Sonic Modeling?

    Does anybody know of any tutorials in making Sonic or any other characters in 3Ds max or any other 3D modeling program? I mean I found a free download of what looks like a modeled sonic that is a perfect replica of Sonic from Dreamcast and even has only roughly 2000 polygons but first off its...
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    Saturn VS PSX?

    I know the PROs and CONs of both consoles but I never see it in practice, does anybody have a comparison of some of the games that appeared on both consoles? Mostly 2D games the main one that I'm curious of is Megaman X4
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    Saturn Docs Tutorials etc..?

    After the crash and restart I noticed none of these are no longer hosted here, I can't even find the official documents that used to be here that Sega gave to developers, so is something wrong or is the website still not working correctly so you're cannot upload them?
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    Action Replay 4 in 1 Help!

    I just got mine and I noticed it is seriously lacking in codes, no Panzar Dragoon Saga no Nights into Dreams and a number of other games missing. Does anybody know of any website that has more codes listed cause I cannot find any?
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    WANTED Sega Activator

    Am willing to pay 100 Dollars if it has the BOX + Manual please contact me for details.
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    Error in SaturnOrbit

    THANK YOU! It worked
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    Error in SaturnOrbit

    Sorry btw it is a DualCore 4400+
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    Dreamcast 2 ?

    "PSP is Actually doing pretty well, true DS is selling like Stupid Crazy but still, its been 2 years and the PSP is still here!"
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    Error in SaturnOrbit

    Whenever I start SO I get the following error: "There doesn't seem to be a GNU Make file in PATH or in Dev-C++'s Bin Path". Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Specs: GeForce 8800GTS 320MB AMD Dual Core 4200+ Windows XP Service Pack 2