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    modded ps1& screen-Import Game

    modded ps1& screen-Import Game I have a modded PSone with interact mobile monitor - comes with power supply and a/v cable and one PSone dualshock controler the PSone has the steath V chip in it (if that matters to anyone) which is suposed to play every game It plays backups and imports...
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    sms and genesis and cr2032

    has ne1 tried using something like this inside the carts and have had no problems shit how come you cant cut and paste anymore i dled these images for nothing ok here they are the first one is SMD and second is regular
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    gamestop labor day

    did ne1 take advantage of the gamestop labor day sale 50% off on accesories -- man i picked up alot of shit for real cheap including a practicaly new xbox driving wheel for 10$ i got a genesis mouse -- question to everyone - what the frell can i do with it (beside stick it up my ass --...
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    boy did my vacation suck ass

    it did have there been any rule changes or anything in the past 3 weeks
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    can this create an iso of a cd that has unreadble sections due to scratches?
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    free dos

    does ne1 use FreeDOS ? -- id like to know how compatible it is to MS DOS 6.22 my dos 6.22 disks are corrupted or moldy - basicaly they are frelled so i was looking for it on the net and havent found it but i found a link to FreeDOS so thats why im wondering
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    i know voting is closed but i forgot

    to vote on the shirt if by some chance it would count my vote would be for the green shirt by jaded_god and runner up id give to the one with the master system controler
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    looking to trade

    but id rather trade -- looking for other games for sega systems BUT ill consider anything -- so if you want to see if im interested --dont be afraid to ask i have sega cd games to trade Silpheed (with case and instructions) - one copy traded - 3 left Jurasic Park (with case and...
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    PC problem

    ive had this very anoying problem with my pc where it would just freeze this is waht happends -- the power stays on, the monitor recives no signal, HD led is on and the led on the dvd drive is on --- there is no HD noize (you know the crunching im doing somethign noise) it starded at first...
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    cheap dvd -r blanks

    has ne1 used optodisk? whats your opinion of them beter yet has ne1 compared optodisk with princo princo being a good base to compare to since they are the worst brand
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    they are realy going to far!!!

    fucking god damed big brother i just saw on cnn headline news that us senator hatcher or congressman whaterver - his name is hatcher is trying to get this legislation passed that will monitor all the shit you do on the net and if you are downloading copyrighted material they will send...
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    workstation graphics cards

    im curious about the workstation graphics cards does ne1 use a card like that for pc gameing? i dont see why there would be any issues useing one - i would think it would be better does ne1 use a card like that and compared it to home pc graphics cards for gaming im refering to cards like...
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    win 98 and the 4 gig file restriction

    i just installed a dvd burner in my pc for transfering home movies to dvd -- i had problems with the drive in windows xp so i downgraded to win98 and the drive works perfectly fine now the problem i have is that i cant create files larger than 4gig when i tried to back up my nephews dvds (...
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    ne1 have experience fixing PS2s

    just asking before i ask
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    long time no see guys - disapeared for a while - you guys must have thrown a party!! :cheers i just got this in an email from a friend about police ware did ne1 else know about this --
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    can ne1 in canada tell me

    if that tv show you guys had blade runner 2047 (something like that ) ever came out on dvd or tape
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    sega and microsoft

    i have a feeling that the xbox is realy sega's new console -- hear me out sega had gotten a bad rap for produceing a system and then droping it when things were bad so joing with MS would eliminate that in a way plus sega was broke - MS was not ms and sega worked together on the dreamcast...
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    street fighter v

    i just watched this whole series yesterday when i should have been studying (now i have to study at work) -- my question is does this series follow the plot of one of the games or is it sort of a mutation -- i remeber beating the original street fighter 2 with chun li and i thought it said she...
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    indreama console
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    Radiant silver gun ON the GBA

    man that sucks - i will probably definately get it but man -- i was just talking to my friend that xbox should port over some of the shooters that were on the saturn and sell them as shooter packs - like three on a disk but i mentioned that i thought games like radient silver gun can make it...