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    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale

    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale Yeah, I know what ya mean- I've had to pay some pretty expensive fees when ordering from the US myself
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    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale

    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale Hello, I'm looking to leave Japan after 5 years and return back to the US, I finish work at the end of August and need to get rid of some stuff before I move. For what it's worth, I am a very honest and fair person and absolutely will not try to scam...
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    Gunstar Heroes released on PS2

    Well I never heard about this but saw it by chance at a store today: It's doesn't seem to be an enhanced port like the Phantasy Stars, but probably emulated and includes D. Headdy and A. Soldier as well. Thought about posting this...
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    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked

    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked At the time I posted this you didn't have to register and abolutely did not have to pay money to view that link. Seems that's thanged (the bastards...) but you can still go here for more info:
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    Mortal Kombat

    I was (and I guess still am) a big fan of the first 3 mks. This conversion was decent and I'm glad I bought it, but it could have been so much more. The AI was already mentioned (far too easy) and the sound was greatly stripped down- I wish they could have just left the sound effects mostly...
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    Great video game music site

    Don't apologize, I never noticed that other post. awesome site! had stuff I never thought I'd find, like the landstalker soundtrack (which is somewhat arranged/enhanced btw)
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    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked

    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked I've never heard of it being leaked before so sorry if this is old news. But check out : something awful forums for screenshots, a review, and a torrent. Personally I'll pass (alot of things will make you thing WTF?) but maybe that's what floats your boat.
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    Free USB FlashDrive from Micro$oft.

    Nice tip, easy to fill out the form too
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    what happened to

    It's been my fav emu news site for years, started swtiching around a bit when pop ups started up (no prob with firefox of course) but this was the site that alwasy kept me coming back. It's been down the last few days, and today it's linking to emutalk where's there's mention of a DOS attack...
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    The XRGB-2 has always had an excellent reputation. for a review go here: but there's plenty more info to be had on google
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    Sega To Re-Release the Dreamcast?!?

    They sell used DC's in Japan for $15~$30 (I bought mine with Shenmue + vmu for less than $15 at a store). And Considering Gamecube goes for around 10,000 yen and it has dirt cheap games, i don't see a dc rerelease as being much of a success. Maybe if they bundled a crap load of good fun games...
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    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Music Wanted

    well, if you want, hit me with an email. there's a private peer 2 peer software called waste: and i guess this would be a good time for me to test it myself
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    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Music Wanted

    i uploaded them to this site a while ago:
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    Help me stop this guy selling sega CD bootlegs

    Fight fire with fire: bid on his shit, and then don't pay. Continually create new accounts and repeat process. He will lose money this way, won't he?
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    Music Compression and Quality

    I'Ve found the best best lossy audio codec (at least for low bitrates). It's mp4 encoded with AAC plus. Good quality even at 24 kbps stereo, unbelievable (such low bitrates are great for pda or other portable music players where space is a concern. That's why I started researching this topic...
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    So I reviewed the Phantasy Star Gen 2 soundtrack

    I downloaded that myself and considered posting the availability in the news section, but decided not to. Anyway, I didn't read your whole review, but from I gathered it sounds like you're with me on the opinion "not bad, but not really better than the original". Overall, the choice of synths...
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    Console RPGs

    Lunar 1 on Sega CD was a very easy game, no level ups required to my memory. Lunar 2 on Sega CD was much tougher if I recall, but not unreasonable. On PSX though, Lunar 1 was pretty difficult, and the final boss was almost impossible (in fact, I beat him with my sole remaining character (one...
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    Console RPGs

    Spending hours leveling up sucks. I might have tolerated that crap during my younger years, but any game that requires me to do it now, I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Anyone who wants a really good traditional rpg without the crap should check out Suikoden 1 and 2 on psx.
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    Shining Force Final Conflict complete Eng patch This is the 3rd of the game gear Shining Force games, and has never been ported to other systems (not on Sega CD SFCD) or available in English. Til now. Shining Force 2 fans especially should check this out
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    XBOX 360 to be offered in two versions

    core xbox + mem card (small capacity) = $340 full xbox will net you a bunch of extras for only $60 more, and your save games will have virtually unlimited capacity.