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    Anyone interested in StarFoxDS?

    Same here, Star Fox is a good series. I'm glad I got this game, too.
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    Mario Kart DD anybody?

    Agreed, the battle mode was kind of lacking. The arena's didn't have as much impact as their N64 counterparts, and weren't as big. I liked racing a kart with a friend, that was fun.
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    Anybody wants to help about Nintendo news ?

    I've done that before, and will do again if I hear anything. Should've said something about the question being towards mods/admin, got a little confused there.
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    Anybody wants to help about Nintendo news ?

    No worries, I was just putting the idea out.
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    This Place is Kinda Dead :(

    I feel this site lacks appeal. This place needs something that would pull in users and would make them want to stay. Ideas?
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    Anybody wants to help about Nintendo news ?

    I'm willing to help. Available most of the time, and I do look around for video game news almost everyday, especially Nintendo news. I can offer any help to the best of my abilities, and would be glad to do so.
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    PS3 Delayed !!!

    That's very disappointing. If I heard correctly, they said they were going to ship so many more units than the Xbox 360 by the end of the 2006 Holiday season (or a similar estimate, I could be wrong). Regardless of what they proposed, they've created quite a snafu; 400,000 units for launch in...
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    $250 is TOO MUCH for the Wii!

    The price seems fair to me. I mean really, it's $250 because Wii Sports is packed in; take that game out, and technically it's $200. But there you go, a seemingly fun title off the bat; it's no Twilight Princess, but it's still going to be fun. And it's not like you can't sell Wii Sports and get...
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    Will you get any GCN games for the Wii at launch?

    I also plan to get Super Paper Mario, though I think it's coming out earlier than the Wii so I'll probably be playing it on my Gamecube (which is collecting dust on my table right now). I might get Twi Pri for the GC, after I get a copy for the Wii. What else is coming out around then (besides...
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    This Place is Kinda Dead :(

    Yeah I agree, this site is dead. Right now, I usually only post replies to topics, only because I have no thoughts on a good topic. And that is a good idea to get more people here using MKDS, MPH, and the other online games for the DS and the soon-to-be Wii. Sadly, I don't have a DS right now...
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    PS3 games can't be rented?

    Yeah, I heard about this about a couple months ago. It's a crying shame, I rent a good number of games, and borrow games from my friends occasionally; for me, their policy is not good at all. That's one of the many reasons why I won't buy a PS3 for a long while. If they reconsider, that's fantastic.
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    New Metroid Prime 3 Screens Emerge?

    I heard it wasn't going to have multiplayer this time around, which is a MAJOR letdown if they decide to do so. But they are still going to use WiiConnect24 to give something extra, perhaps a file to unlock multiplayer.
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    New Metroid Prime 3 Screens Emerge?

    Sure it'll have lag in its demo stages, but as soon as it's released they should be ironed out. And I agree that there is still a fear in gameplay, mainly because of the difference in controllers between the GC and Wii. Hopefully, that fear will be eased along with the lag. I'm hoping that...
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    Virtual Console Game Prices...What do you want them to be?

    Here's what I think, within reason: Less than $4 for NES and Mega Drive titles $3-$6 for SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 titles $5-$10 for N64 titles Nintendo isn't too cheap with their older games. The Classic NES series were priced around $20, and sold seperatly. Having games from the NES...
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    Sony PS3 new paddle

    Technically, they stole the idea, but on a lesser scale since the PS3's motion sensor is a lesser technology compared to the Wiimote's motion sensing capabilities. To deny any such influence is real BS. Yeah, they had the idea and the patent for motion sensors before Nintendo unveiled the...
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    Jack Thompson runs his mouth... again

    Seriously, this guy is a major jackass. Recently in a police article for the Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper, Jack Thompson said "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer." What the f**k, now that's a really ignorant statement. Granted, he says this with...
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    New Metroid Prime 3 Screens Emerge?

    Agreed, graphics do look great. I heard using the Wiimote and the Nunchaku is fairly easy and handles well. I was watching some gameplay footage for it and it looks really fun. The demonstration showcased how the Nunchaku is used, and I thought that was a really neat way of how it is so...
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    The Nintendo Wii

    Yeah, I'm over it too.
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    The Nintendo Wii

    Kind of late, but I'll take a crack at it for fun. For sure, I wouldn't call it Wii. I thought of it for a while, and Ambiance popped in my head. Nintendo wants to immerse gamers into the games they play, and they want to do so with emotion, intuition, and structure among other things. So when...
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    Differences between Revolution and GCN version of TP?

    Really? Shoot. I imagine it would be pretty difficult. I'm going to take a stab at it. I was thinking of getting both versions if I can.