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    Mod Problem

    Ok, I finally got my saturn and some spare time to mod it but it doesn't work :-( First off this is a PAL system. I changed the jumpers to JPN. 32 pin IC and 21 pin ribbon cable. I then installed the mod chip using mal's A-B method and putting a wire to the 5V point. and tried to boot a JPN...
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    Power Supply Question

    Hi, I need to get 5V from the power supply for a mod install. I know on 4 pin power supplies, the 5V is the second from the top. But I have a 5 pin power supply, is 5V still second from the top? Thanks.
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    Gamegizmo Orders

    Hello, I ordered a Saturn mod board from Gamegizmo, how long would it take to get here (UK)? Thanks