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    Panzer Dragoon Saga + Action Replay + COMMS enabled = no luck

    No, it didn't. However, I found out that one of the beta versions (September 1997) doesn't check for the Action Replay cartridge, and I managed to create some codes for it. The problem comes when I try to use those codes on my original or patched PDS, even with the boot code on and COMMS off...
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga + Action Replay + COMMS enabled = no luck

    Panzer Dragoon Saga is my favourite game, but as you know it's a very easy one. I've been trying to find an Action Replay/Gameshark code that could make it a bit harder (for example, doubling the enemies' hit points or limiting your dragon's experience). However, it seems you can't use an Action...
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    The re-occurring

    Nice song Garbage - Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion
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    good download manager?

    I use Flashget
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    Updates on new PS2 Sega Ages games

    :agree I forgot that
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    Updates on new PS2 Sega Ages games

    I don't like those Monaco GP screenshots at all, but both Phantasy Star and Fantasy zone look fantastic :agree
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    Death Crimson, Death Crimson and Death Crimson. I'd like to own the original I know Battle Monsters may seem horrible at first, but once you've played it for some minutes it's an interesting game. It's so cheesy it's funny Also, Doraemon, Final Fight Revenge, Batman Forever and Lupin are...
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    What's your greatest gaming accomplishment ?

    What's your greatest gaming accomplishment ? I did manage to beat the Eternal Champion with Rax. The end secuence sucks horribly, btw.
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    How dodgy are you?

    And yes, my grandparents are very proud. They don't live in Indonesia, of course
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    Worst game ever

    1. Death Crimson (Saturn) 2. Sword of Sodan (Genesis). I wrote a looong review of this game but it's in Spanish, so you'll have to play it yourselves and tell me if you like it. 3. The Lost Golem (Dreamcast). Also: Doraemon (Saturn). The whole Hydlide series. Hexen (Saturn). Almost every RPG...
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    Sega Releases Sega Arcade Gallery for GBA

    I've been playing Hang-On and OutRun this evening BTW, has anyone finished Space Harrier? I forgot to mention that there's no easy mode here, and Space Harrier is one of those hard games. Curiously enough, I remember it being slower -maybe because I used to play Sega Ages at 50Hz
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    Sega Releases Sega Arcade Gallery for GBA

    Wow! I played it yesterday and it's better than I expected: After Burner (not AB2 or AB Complete): the control sucks (I used to play AB2 on my Saturn with the analog pad, so I can't really compare), while the music and effects sound decently. The scaling is quite bad, there's a lot of pop-up...
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    New Sega hardware?

    I had read a longer interview here. :coola Yuji Naka is my hero!
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    Sega Xtreme T-Shirts????

    15 Well, maybe 16 -I just hate it when colours start to fade!
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    :agree Now I'm really confused
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    New news program

    Yep, it's very... comfortable
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    Ulala sues Sega

    Definitely. Remember Uri Geller and Nintendo? lol
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    Too Good To Be True

    New website
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    Sega E3 2003 Lineup

    Or Lost Vikings... I'm sure James and the Giant Peach will be another great and imaginative game by Sonic Team, but the screenshots look just as confusing as NiGHTS' first screenshots *tears come to my eyes*. BTW, in case you haven't seen them, 2 Sonic Battle screenshots. Another Power Stone?
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    Ulala sues Sega

    :agree Yep, the "true" Ulala doesn't bear comparison with "our" Ulala... that picture says it all