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    cell phone emulation

    Well my contract is running out in a couple of months and so i'm thinking about getting a new cell phone. Now i started looking to see how prevelent emulation is on cell phones and it seems like there really isn't a cell phone emulation scene. I mean i was looking at the iphone and all i see out...
  2. J

    backing up question also virus/spyware question

    well long time no post for me but i have two friend is having a really bad time with their computer, viruses, and spyware. my question is if i back up all their info(like personal stuff not the os and sytem files) to a external hard drive and then connect it to my computer to scan...
  3. J

    sonic demo

    they have the sonic the hedgehog demo up on xbox market place to download. just thought i'd mention it i'm downloading it now so i can't give my opinions on it yet.
  4. J

    xbox live users

    If anyone wants to we should start some online games on there right now i really dont have that many games but my gamertag is Quincannon81 on there so if anyone else wants to feel free to add their gamertag in this post and we'll have like SX weds or something who the hell knows.
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    Free Texas hold'em

    Free Texas hold'em full version on xbox360 live. runs from 6/23-6/25
  6. J

    infallible water detection stickers

    ok so my fairly new razr v3's screen died and i want it replaced just the little magic never wrong sticker is slightly red around the edges(from when i cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and was liek fucking annoying sticker i dont want that there). so now i can't replace my phone and i was...
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    favor needed

    can somebody get me the sprite image of the carrot guy walking back and forth in toe jam and earl?
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    hey, i had an account on there a long time ago and then my computer crapped out on me and once i finally got around to getting it all back to 100% i tried to log into my torrentleech account and relized they disabled it because of my period of absentee so if anyone is a member would you mind...
  9. J

    usb 2.0 problem

    my computer is old i bought it before usb 2.0 came out. ok well i bought a pci usb 2.0 card and installed it. I have windows xp pro sp2 so i thought that just letting windows do it's thing with it it'd install correctly. well i bought a usb 2.0 hard drive and plugged it in and it was saying that...
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    cell phone hacking

    anyone here hack their cell phones? I just got a razr the only hack i did to it so far is to change the image that is displayed when you have the flip top open. i think i might turn on the fun light feature but i'm not sure i want my phone lighting up a lot.
  11. J

    anyone here from ireland

    so is anyone here from ireland i plan on going to dublin for a weekend in july if anyone from here is from there or around there i'll probably want a guide.
  12. J

    typing tuitor prog?

    anyone know of a free typing tuitor type thing my dad wants to learn how to type on the computer.
  13. J

    codec pack

    where can i get a good codec pack that basically includes every codec i'd ever need to watch video files in media player. i have an old movie file that worked in the past before my computer died and now i can't get it to play it's odd it's an .avi file.
  14. J

    i hate to ask this

    is there any english pokemon comic books? or maybe graphic novels(the type where it's like a comic book but in a book form)? oh and mainly i'm just interested in the comics but i mean graphic novels will work i guess.(it's for a girl who has a kid i know) i'm trying to do a favor for somebody...
  15. J

    hard drive problem

    ok i'll short story this. i was downloading some bootlegs and the program i was using froze so i control alt deleted and ended the program but it wasn't shuting down. so i tried to restart and my computer wouldn't restart. so i powered it off manually. ok then after that windows wouldn't boot...
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    i've noticed bartenders these days suck. i remember a few years ago i'd be able to drunk ramble with bartenders. 2 friends and i went out tonight and drank i tried to engage out bartender(who was a slightly desent looking girl) in conversation. long story short the girl was a bitch so we didn't...
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    free flow

    almost every topic in this section turns into off topic banter. so i thought might as well start a topic for off topic banter. basically when a topic goes off topic you can just come here and continue on with the off topic talk. most likely this wont work but what ever the hell i'm bored.
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    internet virus?

    has anyone else gotten IM's off people they know or dont know and you're just on their list that has a link in it and that link i'm assuming leads to a virus. i had my cousin's screen name IM me with links to a site on the internet that just lead to a file(didn't save it or anything like that...
  19. J

    new nirvana cd

    ya there's going to be a new cd coming out basically just the best tracks off of the box set and 3 new songs
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    flac and wmp

    anyway to get windows media player to play flac files i'm too lazy to transfer playlists and stuff and i just use wmp the most out of any player so i was wondering if i could get it to play flac files.