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    Question about fixed point FIXED type in SGL (after more than ten years)

    Hi. I'm currently trying to compile the saturn C code of a game (floupix) that I wrote for the Saturn many years ago, this time for more up-to-date architectures. I want to reuse the code rather than rewrite it for the fine-tweaked physics of the game to be exactly the same as the original...
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    new ssmtf release

    "Charette a bestiaux" is the new release of the ssmtf. It's a multiplayer tank game. see here : for screenshots and downloads.
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    scroll screens transparency

    Hi Two questions : generic : Do anyone know if more than two scroll screens can be affected by transparency ? sgl specific : do anyone understand if this : slColorCalc(CC_RATE| CC_TOP |NBG0ON | NBG1ON ); is redundant with this : slColorCalcOn(NBG1ON | NBG0ON ); (eg : why specifiy...
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    linux gnu toolchain

    Does anyone know if Ex-Cyber's "SGL tweaked for Unix-based development" (as found on antime's web site) uses elf or coff format ? thanks
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    How to change the color of a sprite or texture

    I've a technical problem with my ongoing "karate" game projet. There are 12 players, I can't design different sprites for each player. For now, all player are white and can be distinguished only by a colored sprite located at their feet, but it is often confusing when player are close from...
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    Scrolls & line color screen

    Scrolls & line color screen Does anybody know what a "line color screen", used in the following sgl functions is ? void slLineColTable(void *adr) (Sets the line color table address in the register) void slLine1ColSet(void *adr, Uint16 col) (Sets a single color for the line color screen.)...
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    Palettes adresses in CRAM

    I want to use paletted sprites and paletted background (NBG1). My problem is : I can't force sprites and NGB1 to use different palettes. So : 1. Does anybody know how the palette index and the palette starting adress are related, depending on the color mode ? 2. Do you know if it is possible...
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    saturn cd building with xp

    After a few months, I eventually have a working computer to finish releasing my floupix ping pong, but It's running windows XP, and stripiso refuses to work. Do you know - where I can find the xp version of stripiso (sometimes called stripisotoo or revenge of stripsio) and if it works; - If...
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    Saturn devel

    I was just wondering whether I was the only one coding some game for the saturn at this time ... Please give me some news about the projects you wrote about some times ago. Slinga ? Rockin'B ? Djidjo ?
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    A clean way to handle key sequences

    Has anybody here ever coded a clean and simple way to handle key combos and sequences, like hold A, then press B, UP and LEFT ? I have some ideas, but way too complicated to be efficient. Ideas and links welcome.
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    Next contest and the web page

    Here's how I see the simple webpage for the saturn dev contests : - current contest : * announce (theme, prices) * dates (begining, submissions, end) * entries (screenshots, descriptions, manuals, current state, downloads) * voting (when the dates are ok) / results + commentaries...
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    SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

    SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball Temporary giving up the third dimension as well as concept-based games, I've begun coding a simple and funny multiplayer slime vollleyball for the saturn. Simple, because I'm tired of "le spin" messy code; and funny... well, you will tell. I didn't want to...
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    Saturn sound

    A friend of mine recently managed to output some saturn sound sequence file using sega's macintosh sound tools. Until this day, it was easy for me to output the example sequences provided with the SGL, but I couldn't figure how to produce them. Altough it was possible too to use the slPCMxx...
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    SGL/Saturn programming faq

    The dev forum is undoubtedly a good place to ask questions but it's not easy to search trough old answers. What about gathering all answers in a reference FAQ ?
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    No sprites !

    From daniel erikson's saturn coding contest page : Who wrote this 7th enty in the contest ? I didn't anyway.
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    ANGLE interpolation

    I'm facing a problem with some ANGLE calculation. ANGLE is the 16 bit type used by the SGL to store angle values. All values are between 0 and 2*pi, represented by 0x0000 and 0xffff. pi/4 is 0x2000, pi/2 0x4000, etc. What I want is to compute N interpolations between two angles a1 and a2...
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    Need for a program loader ?

    Looking at the collection of sample progs in the dev section, I though it would be good to have these samples on a single iso. Loading could be done via a simple text-menu .bin loader/chooser as 0sl.bin. So does anybody know how to load and run a .bin, using the sgl or anything else ? Thanks
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    New game

    Hello I am programming a multiplayer game for the sega saturn (previously named "saturn pong" by djidjo a few months ago), somewhere between bomberman and maelstrom. Currently, I have 1 to 7 (or more) "players" (color squares), who can move, and collide with eachothers and drop "bombs"...