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    100+ Jap NTSC Saturn Games

    Hi all, It has been quite a long time since I was last online. I have since moved on to different things and although I love my Saturn, I cannot justify having a cupboard full of games that never get played. I was going to separate this all up onto ebay as individual listings, however I thought...
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    Just thought that I would drop back in and say hi, been a long time but still alot of familiar names :)
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    Sega Plans to Stop GD-ROM Production 02/2007

    Sorry, I dont quite follow. I know that the Naomi uses carts, but it has been a long time since any have been released. GD-Rom games on the other hand seemed to have been alot more prolific. Are you suggesting that the dept. that manufactures for Naomi GD-Rom is some how not ceasing production...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Collection

    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Cracking conversion apart from two things. A. Loading Time B. Only 2 players!?!? I have got the CPS2 versions and aside from that, it is pretty damn good.
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    Death Throttle

    righto, i will upload it to my server tommorow
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    Death Throttle

    Yeah, took me by total surprise also. All of my saturn stuff is in storage atm, but from memory all the music was from BMG so that helps explain it.
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    Death Throttle

    Interesting game. All 2d Sprite based. Sort of like crazy taxi, but set in an apocalyptic world. You need to pick up cab fares and kill any punks you may encounter with the taxi's inbuilt machine gun. I bought the game a while ago to complete my collection of saturn red labels. Interesting...
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    Sega Model 1 Help needed.

    I bought myself all of the stuff needed to convert a wingwars board to starwars arcade, various sound boards io's etc. I just need some help with wiring etc. Does anyone have decent hi-resolution scans of the star wars arcade manual? i have got virtua racing and virtua fighter also and there...
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    Saturn Contest: call for prizes

    Ill have a look through my stash, but maybe a pal copy of nights and a sega 3d controller?
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    Best import games?

    Any of the shooters, especially Zero Gunner 2, Under Defeat, Border Down etc. -you get the picture? MArvel vs Capcom 2 and SF3:3S are must have titles too.
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    Japanese Game Troubles

    pentometer could also need adjustment
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    Passing the Torch

    I know that i dont post much anymore, but the site rocks. just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put in over the years.
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    Post your arcade game list

    I just bought a Warzard CPS3 Kit and metal slug 1, 2, and 3. Also got a copy of Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.
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    Should I buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES?

    just get the MVS, games are cheaper, plus you'll get native RGB output. The Atomiswave is losing support in the arcades and i really doubt whether it will last much longer. Although it may be worth it for the Fist of the North Star game (Haduko no Ken?) and MS6
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    TATE mode on Dreamcast

    correct me if im wrong, but tate is japanese for vertical, and yoko is japanese for horizontal?
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    Japanese Games

    Well, you've got the obvious ones like Zero Gunner 2, Border Down, Ikaruga, Psyvariar 2, Shikigami no Shiro 2, Chaos Field, Trizeal, Capcom vs SNK 2, Radilgy and Under Defeat looks like it will be pretty good.
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    Aliens Vs Predator 3 (PC)

    Im hoping there will be one shortly, i cant get my alien vs predator to run on xp though :(
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    FS, Jap Dreamcast Clear Keyboard and Mouse boxed!

    For sale, a clear dremcast keyboard and mouse, boxed with docs. The box's are a little bit faded but otherwise pretty good, the keyboard and mouse are like new/mint. The mouse even has its dust cap for the ball. I bought these here from dj898 a while ago and have only ever used it a few times...
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    Datel CD-X (CDX),... again

    i tied to contact him about 12 months ago but got no reply
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    How long till saturn dies with swap trick?

    I had a model 1 that i used the swap trick on for a bout 4 years, and it only recently died (i had it since day 1)