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    S-Video and the Saturn

    I just got a Geforce 4 MX 420. I don't know crap about video cards so please don't flame me for sounding like a dumbass. This card comes with an S-video port, would it be possible to hook my saturn up to this port, and then play my saturn on my monitor, or in windows? Thanks.
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    Video Gaming And Projectors

    Has anyone else played their saturn on a projector? Projectors are the way games were meant to be played. My new goal in life is to buy a projector, two light guns, and play HOTD in my basement....would that work? I have no idea how light guns work, and I'm wondering, cuz you can change the...
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    Sound not working on a DivX clip...

    I downloaded a DivX video clip from Kazaa. The video is perfect quality, but there's no sound. Any sound codec I should download?
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    Anime Fan Subs

    Anybody know anything about anime fan subs, regarding copyright laws? I'm inclined to think that their illegal, regardless of the fact that fans subbed them, sorta like how a dj remix is still remix unless he pays royalties.
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    Hate to see a hitachi saturn go for only $100...

    I'd buy it but I'm broke =( You got one hour left.
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    Explain something to me in Kazaa

    Hey I'm downloading a rather large file off of multiple users. How is that I can download off of a user who has less of file then I do? Like I'm at 50 megs so far, yet I'm downloading some things from a guy at 10 megs? What gives?
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    Possible to Flash Saturn's Bios?

    Possible to Flash Saturn's Bios? I was pretty sure this was addressed before but I can't find the old thread. Is it possible to flash the saturn? Like burn a bios to cd, boot the cd, and then have it convert say a pal saturn's bios to a us saturn's? If it is, is it then possible to burn a...
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    Calling all translators...

    I wanna translate all the menus in Fire Pro to English. I can't read\speak Jap but I got the full translations for all the menu text. (from gamefaqs) Ok now how do I start? And yes I gave up on all my other projects. (sorry I give up easy) It looks to me that all the text is located in 1st.bin...
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    Is it possible to make satourne loads isos?

    I was fooling around with Satourne, there seems to an option to load an iso. I selected it, and it displays the iso information, but I can't seem to be able to run it. Any help would be appreciated. If I could get Satourne, or another emulator to read isos I'd save a bunch of cds and time...
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    To TakaIsSilly

    Why'd you stop? Do you think the Saturn was powerful enough to emulate an SNES at full speed? Also how did you test your code? Did you have to burn the game everytime? I wouldn't mind working on the project, unless it entails burning a cd every time I compile some code...I'm looking for some...
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    Save Game Copier

    Hey my save game copier works, but I don't have a place to host it. Basically what it does is copy a save game file from cd to the saturn's internal memory, allowing people without a netlink or commlink card to use saves. I have it working for Fire Pro Wrestling 6MS. The save I got from the...
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    Saturn Save Game Copier

    I've been working on this project for the last couple of days. I'm trying to write a program that copies a file from the cd to the saturn's internal memory. Basically a way for people without a netlink or a PAR to get saves. My source code compiles (with 2 warnings) and boots on a real saturn...
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    What exactly is a Commlink card?

    I have this thing that looks like a commlink card. Has 25 pins, it's an isa card. It says EPP/ECP TC020. There's also a whole bunch of jumpers on it. There's also a sticker that says, "TN018857." What's the difference between a commlink card and a printer card? thx
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    STesting code with Saturn Emulators...

    Sorry for being such a pain in the ass. I want to test some of the pre-compiled Sl.bin files on an emulator. Speed is not the issue, I don't mind watching something play at 4fps. I'm using Satourne Uk edition and every time I click on "Load Saturn Binary", and click and click a binary file, and...
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    Need help with Takashi's Tutorial for Noobs....

    Need help with Takashi's Tutorial for Noobs.... Hey, I keep getting this error when I try and compile the hello world code: gcc main.c -O2 -m2 -g -c -I../../inc -o main.o gcc -m2 -L../../lib -Xlinker -T../common/sl.lnk -Xlinker -Map -Xlinker -X linker -e -Xlinker ___Start main.o...
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    How to transfer data to a saturn

    Is it possible? I have a EMS 4 in 1, but no commlink card. What I'm looking to do is to transfer some saves from my saturn and hack them. I can't get a commlink card because I don't have an isa slot on my machine. Can a netlink do what I want? thanks.
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    Action Replay 4M Plus

    My friend loaned me his Action Replay 4M Plus. I can't get it to work properly with Marvel Vs. Streetfighter. I can get the cart to boot to the cheat menu, so I know that the cart is working, but when then it freezes. this is with the orignal Japanese cd. When I play with an iso of the game that...
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    Best Big Screen for Video Gaming?

    I'm getting a big screen TV soon. Any suggestions? Only got $2500 to spend. all I need is s-video input and hopefully bigger than 50 inches. Thanks.
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    I bought the japanese versen of Ultraman. I think its jsut ultraman but i'm not terribly sure. It syas bandai 1996 made in japan so whicever that is. It came with a cart in it, was wondering what cart it was because my maver super heroes vs. street fighter woudln't work, so is this not a 4mb...