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    Suprnova Goes Down :(

    Well Suprnova is shutting its doors. The once big bittorrent site to find anything at is closed. They say it was due to the tremendous server maintainence all the time. They will contain to use their IRC group, but we all lost something with this site gone. Other torrent sites...
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    SF Scenario 2+3 Translations

    I know Aspinia Translation Team translated the script into English for Shining Force Scenario 2... But I remember there being a patch for either Scenario 2 and/or 3 that patched the text into english for the game... Are those around or am I just losing it?
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    Wildboyz and Nintendo DS commercial

    I just saw a commercial featuring Steve-O and Chris Pontius from their MTV series "Wildboyz" advertising Nintendo's DS new handheld system. I was shocked that Nintendo would choose them to advertise their product, honestly you would have thought Sony PSP would have more likelihood to use them...
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    Good .WAV Burning Program

    I need a good .wav burning program, not a program that converts mp3s to wavs like NERO I convert my mp3s on my own to wav. And I refuse to install something like EZ CD Creator and mess up my other apps. Any suggestions? Again I don't want to use NERO.
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    What Adult Micronet game is this?

    OK so I loaded up some of the FMV Sequences from my adult all kanji text jap adult saturn game. I copied this from a friend from the original, and there is no english anywhere on it. I used winvdt2 to convert from .cpk to .avi. The last clip was "Micronet" and I know they are a publisher of some...
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    The everlasting CD Burner/Nero conflict?

    I have always wondered this about NERO and no one can answer this question... Most of my cd burner programs like CDRWIN let me atleast go down to 4x speed on my cd-rw drive. But NERO's slowest speed it will let me burn any image is 8x... Now I go back from a hiatus to burn games with CDRWIN...
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    Taleon, Icecoolwrx, FAKK2, DBOY??

    Where has Taelon, Icecoolwrx, FAKK2, and DBOY gone? Anyone know anything about these 4? I haven't seen Taelon on any hub or on AIM forever nor Icecoolwrx. FAKK2 and DBOY have been gone from SX longer than me it seems, with no casual popup to say hi. I miss those guys :sigh :wub:
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    IBM Aptiva E-Series 190 New fan help

    Hey.. My old 128 mb Ram, 13 gb harddrive comp that I have had for years.. I would like to restore it. What happened was it would give me blue screen errors of death when trying to reinstall any OS. Crashes on XP install and all that shit. I had my friends mom who is a network tech and she...
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    Saturn Cover/Manual Site

    Hey guys I am going to start the most comprehensive Saturn Cover/Manual site. I am looking for contributors who can scan or have scans of high quality saturn covers and/or manuals for Saturn games. JAP/US/EU any and all are welcome. If you want to help me out reply to this thread or PM me, thanks.
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    Burning Turbo CD Games = Pain in the...

    So I converted all my files to wav and renamed them with no spaces just for the cue I got from the PC Engine TOC Database site for my game. CDRWIN wouldn't record it, so I went to NERO and it burned fine. I load it up in Magic Engine Emu and I see the game come up "Bandai" logo.. *It is the...
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    Turbo Picky about speeds?

    I was just wondering if the turbo was picky about burning speeds... Like only 1x or 2x. Or if 4x was ok?
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    Another Cue File 2 Data track issue

    Well I am trying to burn Slayers Royal and When I load the .cue in CDRWIN i get this error... "Error: Invalid CUE SHEET command at line 10 Illegal two-part PREGAP length specified (too small) Both the tracks are in raw form 2352... And I think the problem is the Pregaps are 00:02:00 instead...
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    Japanese Release List

    Does anyone have a list of all the japanese games released for the saturn, or a pretty extensive one? There used to be one on here on SX but I couldn't find it. Thanks in advance.
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    Spyware/Trojans Multiple Attacks

    ERRR I am getting so tired of Spyware and Trojans!! I use Ad-Aware 6.0 and Spybot Search + Destroy all the time. I also run AVG virus scan and these get rid of all the trojans and spyware, but then I will still get shit. Last night I had a huge infection of trojans. I have the damn lycos...
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    PayPal - You're ENTITLED TO Money?!?

    PayPal - You're ENTITLED TO Money?!? Anyone get one of these e-mails from PayPal???
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    Very Odd Email

    I assume it is spam by the links in the email but take a look at this email I got.. ######YOU HAVE BEEN POSTED ABOUT###### ALERT! - Someone who knows you is attempting to share experiences opinions and experiences about you via our website. The purpose of this email is to inform you that a...
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    p2p and Firewalls

    I am using a p2p such as Blubster and it just says Connecting... And doesn't want to connect after installing my wireless linksys router. I am wondering about the settings to add to the ports or gateways... Any info would be appreciated.
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    Dell Dimension 8200 Ram?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of ram a Dell Dimension 8200 uses? My friend has one and it is a p4 2.0 ghZ with 256mb of RAM he tells me... Isn't there a way to check on your comp if its RD, DDR etc? He wants to put 512 in it and is too lazy to open the damn thing up. I am pretty sure it would...
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    Wireless Routing Speed Questions

    So my dad just bought a LINKYSYS Wireless-G 2.4 GHz 802.11g router because he wants to share the cable hookup from my comp to his notepad. So basically my computer is upstairs directly hooked up from my modem to the wall right now... But it will now be going through the router which will be on...
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    Composite Setup question

    Okay so say you use a AV switch box for all your systems and all the av cables are the original, not s-videos or anything just composite cables that came with the systems, yellow-red-white... Now say that you use Monster Cables Gold plated 50 dollar cables for the output of the switchbox to the...