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    CPK Video Codec

    Is the codec Saturn games used at all available? My hopes are low that I would be able to reencode the video, but I thought I would ask. I would like to add some subtitles to a few of the videos on some of the games I am working on.
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    Searching For Text

    Hello again all, After being able to dig through all the Lunar:MS files and pull out text and pointer I was giddy with text search delight. Unfortunetly it quickly faded as I attempted to find the dialog in two of my other disks. Based on the suggestion by CyberWarriorX in the following...
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    Multi File HEX Search?

    Hello all. Is there a program that will perform a multi file HEX search? I've started to look at another game to translate (Grandia: Digital Museum) but the game text has escaped my searches thus far. One of the problems is that there is no obvious dialog file and I have to search through them...
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    Translating Help

    Hello all, I have been tossing around the idea of doing some translation work for a few Saturn games I have. I have two games that I would particular like to get translated, "Lunar: Magic School" and "Grandia: Digital Museum". One of the games (Lunar) has all the text in seperate files, making...
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    Translation Help Needed

    Hello all! I just stumbled across this board while looking around for some info on translation work. I read that a few folks are working (or worked on) some translation projects in the past so hopefully someone can help me out here! I recently dusted off my Saturn, found a mod-chip dealer and...