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    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale

    lot's of great japanese Saturn stuff 4 sale Hello, I'm looking to leave Japan after 5 years and return back to the US, I finish work at the end of August and need to get rid of some stuff before I move. For what it's worth, I am a very honest and fair person and absolutely will not try to scam...
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    Gunstar Heroes released on PS2

    Well I never heard about this but saw it by chance at a store today: It's doesn't seem to be an enhanced port like the Phantasy Stars, but probably emulated and includes D. Headdy and A. Soldier as well. Thought about posting this...
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    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked

    Penn & Teller for Sega CD leaked I've never heard of it being leaked before so sorry if this is old news. But check out : something awful forums for screenshots, a review, and a torrent. Personally I'll pass (alot of things will make you thing WTF?) but maybe that's what floats your boat.
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    what happened to

    It's been my fav emu news site for years, started swtiching around a bit when pop ups started up (no prob with firefox of course) but this was the site that alwasy kept me coming back. It's been down the last few days, and today it's linking to emutalk where's there's mention of a DOS attack...
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    Shining Force Final Conflict complete Eng patch This is the 3rd of the game gear Shining Force games, and has never been ported to other systems (not on Sega CD SFCD) or available in English. Til now. Shining Force 2 fans especially should check this out
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    Gunstar Super Heroes coming to GBA

    from gamespot Sega today announced Gunstar Super Heroes for the Game Boy Advance will be in stores this fall. The game is the sequel to the 1993 Sega Genesis 2D shooter, Gunstar Heroes. The lead characters, Red and Blue, return for more gun totin' action. Both characters will have a different...
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    Good homebrew software for DC?

    Been a few years since I've played a DC, but just saw one today with mem/card for $15, plus shenmue for $1 and figured "can't go wrong". Like the title says what homebrew games/apps/emus do you recommend? For emus I don't wanna touch it unless it has sound plus runs full speed (fullspeed w/...
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    playstation 2 repair

    aquired a junked model 1 ps2 for $30, and it plays audio cd's and ps1 games perfectly. I bought a 1 ps2 game to test it (Ridge Racer V) and it is recocnized as a ps2 game (the playstation 2 logo appears), but when it starts to spin up some more, I hear sounds like a typewriter, then it spins...
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    email from ebay- this is a scam, right?

    I've been getting alot of emails from ebay telling me to update my account info. So far I've been ignoring them. Here's the newest one I got, maybe someone can confirm if it's a known scam or not Dear valued customer We regret to inform you that if you did not re-update your account...
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    playing foreign games on GBA

    My friend loaned me his japanese gba (not the sp), and I was hoping to purchase the american version of Shining Force. Can I just plug & play or are there some hurdles to overcome (hopefully easily)?
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    basketball rulebook/handbook

    I'm looking for a downloadable guide and/or video to cover the rules and procedures of basketball. Ideally, I'd like to start with a concise guide, and move on to a more detailed guide after. Any suggestions?
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    awesome streets of rage remix

    Found this mp3 over at overclocked remix, been listening to it alot lately: It's a remix of the stage 4 theme- really nice job. To be honest I think I lot of remixes on that site are junk, but you won't be disappointed with this one. Just...
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    Best emu news sites?

    I had used vintage gaming network as my primary site and retrogames as my secondary site. But I don't like the new vgn where you have click the "read more" crap, also those system pictures seem a bit slow to load. So I'm looking for a new #1 emu site. What do you think is best? If the site...
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    non smash-pack single game emus

    I don't remember reading about this anywhere so I'll go ahead in mention it. In japan, besides the smash pack collections for pc, I noticed single game emus being sold. Titles included: Bare Knuckle II Shining in the Darkness Arrow Flash Ecco and others I can't remember, all at about...
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    disabling digital-audio playback of cd's

    disabling digital-audio playback of cd's Using XP Pro, I right click on my cd drive, in properties I uncheck the box, and I also unchecked the box in media player (even though that's not what I'm gonna use to play cds), but still all my aps are using digital-playback anyway. Any solutions? In...
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    some aspi troubles

    I downloaded aspi_471a2.exe from adaptec's site: aspi After using the sucky installation program (who the hell uses dos commands to install windows software these days), I ran the aspicheck utility and it says aspi32.sys and wnaspi32.dll are both version 4.71.2 but wowpost.exe and wnaspi.dll...
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    anyone here use the hammerhead fx gamepad?

    I just got a new system with XP Pro, and have this pad hooked up to the usb port since there's no joystick port on here. Anyway, I would like to change the settings so that the POV pad will become the directional pad. Playing mk2 with the analog stick isn't very good. Previously I used WinME and...
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    usb questions

    I need more than just the 2 ports built into my system. Is it better to get a usb hub or an internal usb card? Why? And is there anything I should look for if I buy a card or are they pretty much all the same?
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    adjusting file explorer in WindowsXP

    When I run the file explorer in Windows, I want it to always display "list" and sort files by type. How can I do that?
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    Anyone here use LaserDiscs?

    I recently found a Columbia Laser Disc player- it's my first experience with LD players and it seems like a pretty decent one (automatically plays side B without flipping the disc, also plays cd's). But when it comes to reading the disc (either an LD or a CD), it either works or it doesn't. If...