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    Taking screenshots

    Irfaniew can take screen captures of videos (amazing what such a small program can do, isn't it?)
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    New emu - fuzion - released

    fusion.exe "c:\roms\sega\sonic.bin" -gen -fullscreen for Example. command line loading is now supported.
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    Genesis/Sega-CD/32x hook-up problem

    you need a y-splitter, to combine both stereo channels into one mono output, cheap, $5 or so, and looks ilke this:
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    Shining in the Darkness - Genesis

    Having completed Shining in the Darkness (fine choice, btw), that pool is one of many. the shimmering ones are the ones to take note of. the regular ones are just landmarks to reduce the redundancy of the redundant passages (;)) I'll tell you that you will get an item later, whose useage, and...
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    How Do You Play The Virtua Racing Rom?

    the 32x version of Virtua Racing works better, and runs fine with Gens.
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    First Time Playing Shining Force

    fully explore the castle, and at the end of one path is the head to check out.
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    Nooo... It just won't open...

    Nooo... It just won't open... maybe borrow a power screwdriver?
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    SMS cartridges on MegaDrive ????

    and input and output, too as for NES/SNES on dreamcast, emulation.
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    IP banning from Invision Boards

    on a 56k modem, just restart your computer, to change the IP address. on broadband, some can, some can't. depends on the ISP. dial-up services have a limited number of IP addresses (cheaper since not everyone is on at the same time), called a Pool. when you log on to your ISP, you get a random...
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    recording video?

    plenty of Vide Capture software for this purpose:
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    Warez to Freeware Conversion Thread

    ACDsee -> Irfanview
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    Broadband service

    1. RoadRunner Cable :cheers 2. guarenteed 1500/300 kbit: not sure of multi-tiers status; afaik its only 1 service, and the cable TV service, and a discount on them if you have both. 3. 2000/300, as much as 2773 kbit down. 4. its $45 per month including modem. 5. Residential. yep. RR is...
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    AApplications, Process & WinXP Task Manager

    AApplications, Process & WinXP Task Manager Iexplore is Internet Explorer, a usual part of XP. Nprotect must be Norton Auto Protect, a virus scanner. you could try looking through Winfax's menus and settings, to disable autostartup. you may have to try each "settings" button to find it...
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    sega cd and 32x games

    not even Gens, Xega, Ages, or Kega actually play 32xCD games. AGES was supposed to, but it doesn't quite work. but, the Sega CD is not picky at all about disks. so, you can use regular CD-R media, and burn an exact copy of the Bin/Cue image to the disk. now, remember, Create the CD from the...
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    Automatic Redirection

    depends, if you don't have server capabilities you don't have much choice. if you do have server capabilities, force all hyperlinks to your site, from others, to redirect to your main page. a lot of sites do this. exactly how, I know not, just that this is a server issue, blocking or...
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    Is 700Mhz enough?

    Corn runs some games on a 200 Mhz CPU, so a 700 mhz should be fine. as others have said, pair that up with a descent video card and you should be set. descent here, does not mean new, anything from the past yaear or 2, like a Geforce 2 will work.
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    32X CD Emu???

    Ages is supposed to have 32xCD support and, FYI, 32xCD games came on a disk, that loaded through the Sega CD and Genesis into the 32x for its increased color pallete, mainly used for FMV (32,000 colors is a heck of a lot more than 64 out of 512 total colors)
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    Save Files

    Save files can be freely distributed, but I believe that the guy who made it owns the copyright. e.g. you get 10 Billion dollars in GT3, save it to a Memory card, and others copy it, its still yours. however it isn't possible to enforce the copyright, so if someone rips your saves and...
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    Home Networking Question

    100 Meters ~ 328 feet ~ 109 yards is the theoretical maximum recommended max is 90 meters (295 feet) for 100 Base TX ethernet cable repeaters are made for longer runs, or use a network Switch if you need longer runs
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    Save Files

    it is legal to reverse engineer outdated hardware, like the Atari 2600, provided you do it for your own private reasons, and presumably, you don't share how you did it. the facts you gain by reverse engineering the hardware, are likely free for anyone you want. this is in the DMCA update, that...