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  1. J mod thread by jandaman

    Saturn #1 Model No.: MK-80000A Made in Malaysia Made: June 1996 64 pin NTSC, round buttons Model # and country of manufacture can be found on the back side where the power supply/av cables go. Date of manufacture is on the underside I bridged point A&B, left the point 0014 bridge as is...
  2. J

    Saturn Action Replay 4in1 Plus

    I was able to get the Saturn Action Replay 4in1 Plus in quantity direct from the manufacturer so I lowered the price $5 to $24.95 which as far as I can tell, is one of the cheapest prices. Use coupon code segaxtreme when checking out for an additional $2.50 off which should make shipping...
  3. J

    4in1 carts

    Anyone know the diff between the cart I sell and this one ? Both are made by EMS?
  4. J

    FS: Sega mods and more

    Noticed a thread on 21 pin modchips. I sell these at for $14.95 with shipping starting at $2.50 for domestic orders. Sold out right now but should have some early next week. Add your name to the waitlist to be notified. Also have a couple other Saturn related items with a...