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    Good French Gaming Sites?

    Hey All, I have to find an article in French for one of my courses, and I would like to do one on gaming. What are some good gaming sites in French, particularly ones that have articles about gaming in France? I know that France supports the gaming industry, at least in terms of tax...
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    Where to get SNES flash cart?

    Hey All, I'm looking to get an SNES flash cart to play games on my actual SNES. I looked on tototek, but I am a little confused as to which thing to buy. Do I need to get a programming thing, or the SD7? Is there something better than what tototek offers? Thanks!
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    Might and Magic III

    I've been trying to get Might and Magic III to work on my Mac with Dosbox, but it isn't the greatest. I noticed that there is a genesis version of the game released. I downloaded it and tried it on an emulator, but when it tries to start a new game, it says that there is a dead battery. How...
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    Oblivion 360 patch

    It's been three months since I played Oblivion. Yesterday, I started it up again, and saw that a new patch was being applied. The initial load time was long (probably because of cache issues), but afterwards I noticed a nice improvement graphics-wise. First of all, the game actually seems to...
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    What could have been...

    I just finished God of War, and it got me thinking about the dreamcast. God of War (and God of War II) are basically swan-song titles for the the ps2. You could say the FFXII and these games basically got the most out of the system. I wonder....if the DC had somehow stuck it all these years...
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    Something I posted on Youtube

    Hey all, I posted a short little film I made about a year ago on Youtube: Enjoy.
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    Sega Saturn USB gamepad, still being sold?

    A couple of years ago, I purchased a sega saturn usb gamepad. It was great. I 'd like to get another one, seeing as I've moved away from home without taking it along. I can't seem to find any sites online that sell it. Does anyone know where I could find one, or if someone has one that they...
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    SSF? Satourne? Et al?

    I'm just curious: What's your guys' favorite saturn emu? I personally use SSF. After about R6, the emu worked extremely well for my system. Specs: P4 3.0ghz 2 GB RAM WinXP SP1a Radeon 850 XT AGP It's a robust system, gets too hot though because of the poor case. Is Satourne better...
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    Rent A Hero Genesis Translation?

    I read in a recent Retro Gamer that Rent a Hero for genesis was translated. Has the game been fully translated or is it still partially translated? And where can I find the english patch? Thanks.
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    Help with Apple Logic Pro 7

    A friend of mine is having some trouble getting it to work. He has a Roland D-50 connected to a MOTU MIDI controller, which is connected to a G5 (powerful system, quad 2.5 Ghz, 2.5 gigs RAM) via MIDI and firewire. He can compose and get midi music when he composes in Garageband, but while he...
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    T2 Extreme DVD WMV HD movie

    I recently got T2 Extreme DVD. I like the film, and I watched a the WMV HD trailer and was impressed at the quality on my HDTV. However, when I popped in the regular DVD on my upscaling Samsung DVD player, I wasn't as impressed. So I want to play it via my computer, but I don't have an...
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    Fixing Overscan in Fallout 1?

    Hey Guys, I have a Samsung Dynaflat HDTV. Currently, I'm linking my computer up to it via a Radeon X800XT via component input. Fortunately, the latest cats support HD resolutions (1152x648 instead of 1280x720), and as a nice bonus whenever the TV recognizes a 640x480 signal, it senses it as a...
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    Good site for international text messaging

    Does anyone know a free site to send sms's internationally to a Sprint phone number? My friend from Prague used to send me sms's for free from a web site, but no longer offer free service to Sprint phone numbers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Playing PS1 games via PS2 on HDTV

    Hey Guys, I recently got a Samsung HDTV. I quite like it. Recently, I loaded up Suikoden II. When I started up my saved game, I found that the game lagged big time. I don't know what the proper term is: it looks as if the screen literally refreshes every time I move my character, and...
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    Component vs. HDMI

    I currently have a comp with a Radeon X850XT, AGP version, outputting via component to my HDTV. Would there be much of an improvement if I used a DVI/HDMI cable instead? I ask because those cables cost over a hundred dollars, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it. Thanks!
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    Best Saturn Emulator?

    Which Saturn emulator do you guys think is the best? I'm currently using SSF, and its fine, save for a few audio glitches. Which one is the most stable? The fastest? Which one is the easiest to use? Thanks for your opinions.
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    Looking to buy an Xbox 360 Premium System

    Well, I didn't jump on the hysterical Xbox 360 bandwagon, so I'm not surprised to find a dearth of systems. But would anyone happen to know any good websites which sell the premium system, also not at those jacked-up prices? Sure, I could buy a system on Amazon for 800 bucks, but that's how...
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    Need Help With HDTV Choice

    I'm planning on getting the Samsung TX-R3079WH slimfit HD 30' HDTV. I want to get it because I'm planning on getting the Xbox360 and I plan to use it as a monitor for my desktop to save space. I've looked all around the net about this TV, and I get conflicting specs all the time. Does...
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    Setting Up Wireless PC

    Hey Guys, I plan to set up my PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard. I plan to hook my PC to forthcoming HDTV in order to minimize space. What's the best way to use a wireless mouse and keyboard whilst sitting on a sofa or chair? Is there a nice pad/plank to put on your thighs to hold the...
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    Freespace 2 on WinXP, OSX

    Hey Guys, Whenever I try to install Freespace 2 on my WinXP machine, it loads up the setup screen, then quits. It does this with a couple of games. Is there a way to bypass this? Also, has anyone used FS2_open? I can't seem to find any instructions, or even a proper release to download...