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    FS: XBox with Media Center 8.1 installed

    With a baby on the way, i have been selling off my game collection. This is the last item to sell. The X-Box is soft moded and includes the following items. I'm looking for $ 60 + s/h. My eBay ID is jeremyds77. 1.Xbox with stock HDD 2. Extra MS controller S 3. Psyclone component video...
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    All games include instructions and original cases unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include s/h. Prices are negotiable, especially if you are ordering multiple items. Check out eBay for my feedback, I'm listed under jeremyds77. PM me with questions. Sega CD ·Rise of the Dragon (CD +...
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    Modded Saturn

    I am looking at possibly selling my modded US Saturn. Anyone know what these usually sell for? Also, are you able to sell them on eBay? Thanks.
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    Home Security Question

    I have a techie question. I am setting up a remote home surveillance system for a friend that is out of the country. Anyone have experience doing this? They have wireless high speed internet and the cameras seem easy to configure. I'm just curious about how well they work and if any brands...
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    Game Designer turns down royalties

    Ryuta Kawashim, creator of Brain Age, declined his royalty payment. He had all $11 million donated to the university he is employed by.
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    FS: Promo Items,Including Complete Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary

    I have the birthday Sonic promo item that was sent to stores in the US. This is the same item that was part of the Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday release in Japan. I have hardly listened to it the box does have some minor scuff marks. Looking for $45. Also have the Chrono Cross promo clock...
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    WTB Windows 2000 Pro

    I am looking to buy a cheap AND legal copy of Windows 2000 Pro. I need to upgrade someones computer (still running Win 98 FE) and they don't want to spend the money on XP. Anyone have an old and unused copy lying around? Please?? Thanks, Jeremy
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    Memory Question

    Once I get paid, I plan on picking up a couple 1 gig sticks of DDRII. I am running Win XP on an ASROCK 775Dual-VSTA. It supports up to 2 gig's of DDRII 667. I was checking out newegg for prices. Anyone have a brand they prefer? Also, are heat spreaders needed? Here is the link to the...
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    Upcoming new VC options

    With the addition on Turbo CD/SCD and Neo-Geo, I am getting even more excited with VC. I really wish they would either add USB hdd support or make an update that allows VC games to be run from the SD slot. The games are protected as is, so what is the big deal? Rant aside, I wish N would add the...
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    Website help!

    I have to build a website for my BCIS class this semester. The teacher requires us to have all the following on the first page: date, time, weather, and and a counter. I am using Dreamweaver to design it, as I have no previous experience in web design. Currently I have a weather sticker from...
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    Shining Force Released on VC

    Recently Shining Force was released for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. This is a must buy on the VC. Here's hoping Shining Force 2 as well as the Phantasy Star games see a release.
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    Federal agents go after gaming pirates

    US federal agents raid mod chip importers. Man are they getting serious about cracking down. I understand going after the people selling counterfeit games, but mod chip importers/installers. I wish the game industry would...
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    Peter Moore Leaves MS and Joins EA Former Sega COO has left the MS's XBox team to join EA as President of EA Sports. Next E3 won't be the same without him. But it's defiantly an interesting move.
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    FS JVC X'eye

    This includes the original AC adapter, original JVC branded controller, a set of AV cables, as well as an RF cable. I am also including a blue Justifier and the backup ram cartridge. I recently cleaned it all up and tested the system. I don't have any gun games, so I can not test the gun. I...
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    AC Adapter question

    I am trying to find an AC adapter for my JVC X'eye. I found out the original was 9.5V at 1500mA. I was told that using a lower number for either is bad for the device. What about using more? I know very little about electrical engineering. I found a 12V at 1500mA, would that be an alright...
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    WTB Genesis 3 AC

    I'm looking for an AC adaptor compatible with the US Genny 3. I see tons on eBay, I just thought I would check here first. So, does anyone have a spare they wanna sell/trade?
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    Genesis 3 question

    Does anyone know if the powerbase converter works on the genny 3? I was looking at picking one up, but all I have is the genny 3.
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    Funky PC issues

    My PC started acting real wierd a few days ago. When I powered up my PC one day, it would get as far the the no loading XP screen and then reboot. When I booted into safe mode to receive the old sasser message about NT/something was forcing your PC to restart. I decided to do a clean...
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    Stuff for sale: College tuition fund raiser

    I have some stuff posted over on SX for sale. This is a link to the posting.
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    Stuff for sale: College tuition fund raiser

    I'm currently doing school full time, and need to sell some stuff to make some money. The following items are for sale. Price does not include shipping, and I will entertain reasonable offers. All are complete w/ box and instructions unless noted. Sorry folks, but I will not ship outside of...