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    Saturn feature in GameSpot

    Found this while looking @ gamespot... havent read it yet, but should prove interesting :)
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    Saturn Emu

    keep in mind it *was* posted on dcemu see for urself dont worry, i realise the (lack of) credibility of dcemu, but it sounds beleiveable(sp?) enough...
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    Videogame Console FAQK

    Those Brunching Shuttlecocks guys are at it again... Videogame Console FAQK
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    How to burn (and rip) dual data mode CDs

    pls help me... i am clueless! have managed to copy many a game, but LB just seems to quit loading after the red Loading... screen (after i swap, it gets to that screen... waits... then goes back to the 'Incompatible CD' screen) just looking for a 'once and for all' answer, coz nothing i've...
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    Best VCD Player?

    Okay... looking for (in ur opinion) the best quality method to play VCDs thru a console i was spying on this but i think this is the one ppl say is poor quality/keeps on crashing the DC. Is the PSX any good as a VCD player? coz that would be another option... counting out the saturn at the...
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    Is this REALLY worth it? - Top loading NES

    Found this on ebay, keep in mind its aussie dollars... is it worth it? (dun worry, i wont buy it...)
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    Good news

    Mailed this to the admins, but it might not be immediate thanks to the beauty of different timezones, and the fact they sleep at NIGHT! ;) Sega is finally in black! Sega of Japan announced that they are expecting to see a profit of 5.4 billion yen in Japan by the end of the 2001 fiscal year...
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    What time are the US ppl on?

    because my profile has the time set to +13 we just went thru daylight saving, but now to have the correct time i had to set it to +15... did u ppls have daylight saving as well?
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    Yes ppls, I just put in my brand spanker of a Blue LED... now it matches my blue swirl on top of my DC, and plus it looks VERY cool... I put in a 3.5v LED, and hasnt blown up on me (yet), so if u have even a little electronics knowledge... DO IT!!! Hehe, my DC is now l33t ;)
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    Non VG related websites...

    Yup... u heard correctly... i'd like to think that i've found all the video game sites i need (how can u need more than sx??? ;)), now i need some other sites, preferably humorous... (no spelling mistake... there really is a U in there!) heres some to start u off with... Brunching...
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    Whats your day job?

    A topic sparked from myself often getting suggested 'Don't give up your day job'... whats yours? Not specifics, just general, round abouts sorta stuff... me starting: work in a Call centre doing tech support for one of australias biggest ISPs... hence i spend all my time @ work posting ;)...
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    I just bought Revolution X for the Saturn, and was completely miffed @ the fact theres no gun support... AT ALL! Theres not many other games i've been disappointed with, but are there any you've bought, and since regretted???
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    Are PSX fans as nuts about their system as Sega owners?

    OK, prolly asking the wrong group here, but I know 99% of ppl are crazy about their sega gear... and although i havent been looking, it doesnt appear theres such a group of people for Playstations... From what I've seen, the individual games have their fans (GT3, MGS etc...), but not for the...
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    Who's your favourite video game character?

    I have a few... but Bub would be up there, as would Bomberman, Lemmings and Nights basically anything of the "awwww, isn't that cute?" variety... edit: cool characters i like: Mitsurugi - Soul Calibur Sub Zero - MK1 (The others are just dodgy) Sam n Max (Originated from comics - big...
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    #segaxtreme java chat?

    being @ work, unable to install an IRC proggie... is it easy/convenient to set one up on this page for #segaxtreme??? would prolly get more ppl chatting anyways...
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    Saturn A/V cables

    had a look on ncsx and liksang, and playthegames, no luck :( any other ideas???
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    Sega GT Question

    Just picked up an import copy of Sega GT, and its called Sega GT Homologation Special... is this any different to the 'Normal' Sega GT? BTW Can I use the Utopia Boot Disc to play this on my PAL DC?
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    VMU Question

    whenever i switch the DC off, the VMU makes one huge beep, then asks for the date... is this a flat batt?
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    Image maps in html

    I'm currently working on a webpage at the mo, and would like to know how to use one of those map thingys, where u use 1 pic (jpeg, whatever) to link to different pages... any ideas??? If not, is there an official name for these things so i can hunt up the info somewhere else? Thanks y'all! :)
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    Resident Eeeevil : CV

    Too afraid to look in the faq... might spoil it In the room with the 60sec timer (when u take the skeleton pic), do you just have to kill all the slimy things to get out? Yes/no will do... just need a hint