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    100+ Jap NTSC Saturn Games

    Hi all, It has been quite a long time since I was last online. I have since moved on to different things and although I love my Saturn, I cannot justify having a cupboard full of games that never get played. I was going to separate this all up onto ebay as individual listings, however I thought...
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    Sega Model 1 Help needed.

    I bought myself all of the stuff needed to convert a wingwars board to starwars arcade, various sound boards io's etc. I just need some help with wiring etc. Does anyone have decent hi-resolution scans of the star wars arcade manual? i have got virtua racing and virtua fighter also and there...
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    FS, Jap Dreamcast Clear Keyboard and Mouse boxed!

    For sale, a clear dremcast keyboard and mouse, boxed with docs. The box's are a little bit faded but otherwise pretty good, the keyboard and mouse are like new/mint. The mouse even has its dust cap for the ball. I bought these here from dj898 a while ago and have only ever used it a few times...
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    FS Full Naomi Setup + Games + SSF2X Blue CPS2

    Hi all, Time to trim the fat off my collection. This has to be the center piece of my arcade collection, but it is time to get rid of it. I have got a full Sega Naomi GD Rom System for sale including everything that you need to plug and play in aregular jamma cab. Here is what im selling...
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    SCUD Race help needed

    Hi, what do i need to connect a scud race board to an empty cabinet, i.e what are the extra interface boards required, and what sort of steering wheel and pedals do i need, (microswitched or pots?) mal, im looking in your direction :thumbs-up:
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    Road Blaster on Saturn vs Mega CD

    Hi, Just got the double pack of Road Blaster and Thunderstorm FX for the Saturn. Now, i know that the video is a little bit clearer than on the Mega CD version, but the gameplay seems like absolute crap in comparison to the mega cd version. Has anyone else played this and got any comments?
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    FS Capcom vs SNK 2 (DC) + More

    Hi, I had this one up for sale with the last lot of DC fighters that i put up but the buyer pulled out on me. Here is what i have got,... Capcom vs SNK 2 (Dreamcast/JAP) Mint and complete $55AUD shipped worldwide Capcom vs SNK Jap Kiosk Demo, comes in clear case, this is NOT a magazine demo...
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    I need to make a friend!

    Hey, I am trying to get some stuff from ebay but the dood selling it wont ship overseas, so i need to find someone in the US who can have the item shipped to them and then ship the item of internationally to me. I need someone with a paypal account so i can re-imburse them, prefer someone with...
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    FA Import Dreamcast Fighters

    Hi, Here is some of my fighting games for Dreamcast that i have decided to part with. I will try to make postage as fair as possible and i will refund any over charge in postage. Please bid on my stuff and help me get my Naomi!
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    Naomi Yes or No?

    Juts wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on purchasing a naomi as i am considering getting one. Here are some of the pro's and con's that i can think of. If you have any suggestionsplease feel free to add them CON GD Rom Drive Expensive Need another 3.3V PSU for GD Rom Need an IO board...
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    Getting Ready for Neo 4 Slot Action!

    Alright, I just made my last payment on my near mint Neo Geo 4 Slot cab. The guy selling it has had it in his house for the last seven years so it is still pretty good. I went to inspect the machine and it had the original manual and stickers etc, still sealed in a bag inside the machine! I go...
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    FA Sega CD Model 1, Datel Pro CDX etc.

    Hi, I have decided to get rid of some of my stuff through ebay instead of having it for trades. I have got alot of stuff for sale including a Model 1 Sega CD / Genesis with AV lead, and Aus power supplies. I have also got a Datel Pro CDX with box as well as a ton of Sega CD / Mega CD games and...
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    **PRICE CHECK NEEDED** Datel CDX Boxed V1

    Hi, I am getting rid of some of my stuff in a trade deal. I have got a Datel CDX that is boxed that i want to include in the trade, but im not sure how much it is worth, mainly becuase you can never find them on ebay. :/ Cheers
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    Stuff for sale on ebay, all BIN

    im trying to get a new home computer and another arcade cab so ive decided to get rid of some of my less-played games. 10% discount (before shipping) for sx members. Payment must be in my hands in 7 days, no exceptions.
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    Help Installing OSX Panther

    Hi, I just got a G4 mac and i need to install the os (long story) basically there is a pc formatted drive in the mac with nothing on it. I have got all of the original install discs. When i boot up the mac, (with the OSX disc inb the drive) nothing happens, all i get is that icon that...
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    What are the Best PC motherboards?

    Hi, My faithful Asus CUSL2-C just went up in smoke, litterally. As i am typing this all i can smell is burnt plastic :yum I have been looking at getting a new mobo and processor. But i havent decided on what yet. I use an ASUS P4P800E Deluxe in my uni computer which i am happy with, but im...
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    SD Card Loader

    Hi Ite been a while since i posted here so i though that id come on over and visit. Anyway, to get straight to it... There is now a program made by the great Costis (PSO Loader) that allows you to boot Dol files directly off the SD Card adapter. I have tested it out with the Sega Genesis...
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    Nostagia and Age

    Hi, I am trying to see whether a persons age/birthdate can be used to predict a certain era of video gaming CONSOLE nostalgia. For me, I was born in 1982 and i am most nostalgic of the Saturn/Playstation/N64 era, even though i was actively involed in gaming for the previous 3 generations. So...
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    Shmuppers Ahoy!

    Hi, as part of my Ph.D work i need to gather emperical data to back up various hypothosies. So i need the help of all of you out there who prefer the genre of shmups over all other types of games. So, if shmups are you FAVORITE type of game then please pop over to either Digital Press...
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    HAA-2510 Multiregion Mega Drive?

    I was given this mega drive only a few months back. I was really intrigued to find that the system had whats seemed to be a built in rf modulator as well as a switch on the back of the unit. I assumed that the machine was a japanese regioned one so began testing it. I soon found that any game...