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    Blue Skies Team looking for a coder for a 3D F1 racing game

    This is the reference you need: I'm a big F1 fan so, good luck.
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    Balloonatics Thread

    Big improvement, indeed. Thanks for keep updating your proyects, Balloonatics was a nice and fresh surprise and it feels so fluid on gameplay that i hope you could finish it.
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    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    (Me, aka Cerv3ro): Another contest has arrived and for the third time in a row it continues to grow and grow. Before I give my votes, I want to thank all the people involved in all the incredible projects presented this year, easily, more than 50 people have been programming or assisting in some...
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    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    The best time of the year has come: Congratulations to all the participants. It is really impressive to see so many personal projects running on Saturn, it is a strange feeling to sit on the sofa, plug in your Saturn and try all these new projects and ideas. Every year for 3 years, I feel how...
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    N64brew Game Jam 2021 Submissions

    Very good ideas and proyects.
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    Collect Saturn Github Projects

    You like challenges? Here´s a nice one, fully playable. Created by SaffronCR in just one day:
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    Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy

    Thank you very much, Ndiddy. It's nice to have these things preserved and could hopefully be useful for homebrew.
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    My custom Saturn covers

    Nice covers, but why new ones for released games? Maybe new patches for Guardian Heores or Story of Thor?
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    Every Saturn game where Sonic appeared as a cameo 3D model

    Where the hell is Sonic Z-treme?! Not as a cameo, and quite obvius, but don't forget Sonic R with even Metal Sonic and Super Sonic, nice models. And what about the Burning Rangers secret?
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    According to the CEO of Torus games the Killing Time port for Saturn was finished

    Cool, the same situation that X2, Team17 (UK) gave the Master disc to Ocean. The Sentinel Returns was in the same situation, and many others. Killing Time is a interesting game i would like to play... On Saturn.
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    Alien Odyssey source code found for Sega Saturn

    So, the 4th link shared was nothing related Saturn. It will be very complicated to rewrite the entire code to do it works.
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    Saturn prototype buy-together 2021 over at Obscuregamers

    So close, 6 weeks remaining
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    Unreleased Sega Saturn game The Last Dynasty dumped 2021

    Many thanks to the person who made it a reality
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    Castlevania Dreamcast prototype found (Edit: Dumped April 27th)

    Quite cheap right now, but ey! : Hope?
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    Do you think Vbt should change his Avatar?

    Who's that guy? The avatar i mean. Which game has he came from?
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    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    Thanks, this is gonna be an honor to test and enjoy all this proyects. Seriously, this is something historical in the tiny Saturn community and thanks to the passion and enthusiasm that each participant has put into it, we can have results as incredible and surprising as all these entries...
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    Soulhacker translation?

    Not exactly that tuit but i remember a few talks about translating that game. Do you have more info?
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    Lunar SSS & SSSC MPEG Releases

    Thanks, it would be nice to update the main post as you say. Just for curiosity, how many people is involved on this? i knew Ms Tea and Mr Conan but maybe are others, the same with Magical School Lunar, i think this is Ms Tea proyect too.
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    Translating Grandia

    Thanks as always @TrekkiesUnite118 , i´ll give it a try this week during my xmas hollydays, i won´t lie you if i say this and SF 3 scenarios were my most desired games to play back in the day. I´ll play it on a pal console after patch to E region of course. And reladed @nanash1 , how is going...
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    Lunar SSS & SSSC MPEG Releases

    Nice, i don´t own a mpge card but where can i found the LSSS patch?. And thanks again.