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  1. vbt

    build your own saturn

    and also PS1 thanks to bandai :
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    How To Guide: Encoding Cinepak Videos Properly

    good job @TrekkiesUnite118
  3. vbt

    uoYabause released for Android

    Yaba Sanshiro 2.7.0 @ uoYabause It contains : - CHD format support - Redump CUE format support - some fixes for graphics issues
  4. vbt

    FreePrince (Prince Of Persia)

  5. vbt

    Reading from the framebuffer?

    XL2 never stops : :banana::beerchug:
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    Streets of rage 4

    new trailer with a new character :
  7. vbt

    SVP / Samsung SSP16xx assembler

    yes i understand svp is a dsp that helps for calculation, it's not a gpu. will you share a github project ? the svp got some hype recently, a new game could run on mega sd :
  8. vbt

    SVP / Samsung SSP16xx assembler

    just curious, it uses quad or triangle as polygon ?
  9. vbt

    Bubble Bobble is baaaaccckkkk!!!

    on switch only ...
  10. vbt

    SVP / Samsung SSP16xx assembler

    that's really sad that sega didn't reuse the svp for another game
  11. vbt

    Some megadrive mini news !

    first review :
  12. vbt

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    @cafe-alpha is looking for testers : answer here : Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager 3 : test on CD-R - PPCenter :: devblog
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai : Find the Easter Egg

    Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 : Easter Egg ! Written by cafealpha 17 july 2019 no comments That's a bit late for Easter, but did someone noticed the one hidden in Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 ? Easter Egg in Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.314 This can be triggered by a key combo from Pseudo Saturn Kai...
  14. vbt

    FreePrince (Prince Of Persia)

    i'm trying to port FreePrince on Saturn, it's another game running on SDL 1.X like XRick & Wolf3D The game is not yet playable, if someone wants to help, source is here : current status : the surfaces ane not displayed at the right place, broderbun software...
  15. vbt

    video tutorial english patch Grandia

    both good tutorials :bigthumb:
  16. vbt

    uoYabause released for Android

    version 2.6.7 is released! <Changes> Regressions in version 2.6.3 are fixed. * FIX: FXAA does not work on Android. * FIX: Broken texture on Daytona USA. * FIX: Bad aspect rate and screen noise. ### Android * with Ads Yaba Sanshiro Free - Sega Saturn Emulator - Apps on Google Play *...
  17. vbt

    Screeen resolution hacks

    it won't be perfect, but it can do the job, otherwise, it would be adding some hacking lines and update bg scaling on X without modifying the assets.
  18. vbt

    Screeen resolution hacks

    maybe there is a way to repeat the picture with the layer setup (you know the 4 planes address)
  19. vbt

    Langrisser III translation patch

    it's alive :