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    Radiant Silvergun

    I think that Radiant Silvergun is the best shooting game ever. The story, the graphics, the AWESOME music, the intro, the level system for the weapons, the replayability value, the mixture of 2D and 3D, the atmosphere, everything. The final boss screen for me is one of the best things ever...
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    Eve: The Lost One

    Hi! I own the Japanese Saturn Game Eve: The Lost One. I haven´t begun to play yet and I was wondering if anybody here knows anything about it. I also would like to know if the game Eve: Burst Terror is the sequel or if it´s connected in any way with the first. Finally, Does anyone know...
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    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I never liked Sonic 1. At that time, rumours of a new Nintendo game system were widely spread and I choose to wait and see. I´m glad I did. However, many years later when the mod fever struck me, I understood what had happened. Sonic 1 PAL version was veeeeeeeeeeery slow. Everybody talked...
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    Cosmic Carnage

    AW!ful terrible!!. Cosmic Carnage is the worst game I own. However, now that most fighting games are VF clones or KOF clones, it´s very interesting to take a look at it. At least, it has personality.  
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    Japanese games for the Sega Saturn

    Hey thanks everyone!! Now that I have finished my exams I´m going to look for those games and keep on practising. Thanks again. See you.
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    I guess you´re right. I only gave the most literal translation out of the dictionary. If we could see the kanjis, it would be much easier.
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    Japanese games for the Sega Saturn

    Thank you very much. I guess I´ll be looking for Biohazard. Shining Force is very difficult. At least episode 3. Someone else?
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    Japanese games for the Sega Saturn

    Hi! I´m studying japanese and I use sega Saturn games to practice. My level is Phantasy Star 1 and little else. Well maybe Shenmue for the Dreamcast too, but no more. I´d like to know if someone knows of any games with a simple vocabulary level to keep on with my studies. Of course I mean...
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    Hi! Torico means Captive or prisoner. Gekka comes fom gekika which may mean dramatisation or something which goes more and more intense. Mu means nothing or emptyness Gen has a lot of meanings including present, rope, really, etc Tan means (I swear) a spitt. Of course in case that all of...
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    New GC zelda

    Of course. New console, new graphics, new style, new whatever. But I cannot hide that I feel very very disapointed with this new Zelda. I am pretty sure that the game is going to be a killer. But please, look at this Parappa the Link, oh sob sob sob (criying). Spanish Don Glotón.
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    Majora's Mask - What do you think?

    I own Zelda 1 and 2 for the nes, The gameboy Links awakenig, snes Link to the past, and both Ocarina and Majora. I have finished them all and I still think that Majora is the less interesting game of all. Legend of Zelda was a nice game, then the Adventure of Link got better, then the snes...
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    Two Players in Virtua Racing Deluxe

    Why don´t you try your 32X and games and pads and etc in another megadrive?
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    Sega dreamcast outsells the Xbox.

    Hahahah!! Me too!! In the last month I´ve bought Skies Of Arcadia, Head Hunter, Code Veronica and Shenmue 2 for 12/18 euros each. Now we don´t need to backup games since there are a lot of games selling everywhere very cheap. Original games rule!!! Spanish Don Gloton
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    Broken dreamcast?

    Hi! My questions are quite simple: Will copied games cause malfunction on the dreamcast? Makes any diference if the game is autoboot or you have to use utopia? I´ve heard that if you play copied games, the console resets after a few months of continued use. Is that all true? Thanks a lot...
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    Diagonal scrolling - what games have it?

    Maybe Cobra Triangle? Spanish Don Glotón
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    Worst game(s) for the Snes - what is it?

    Wow!! I wish I could lay my hands on that drakkhen thing to see if the game was THAT bad!!! I also foud horrible and completely unplayable Dragon´s Lair, WWF Super Wrestlemania, Jurassic Park (because you couldn´t save the game) and Spiderman X-men (ok, the music was outstanding). Spanish...
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    Best First Person game for N64 - opinions, thoughts

    I also love Turok 2. It´s great. Spanish Don Glotón.
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    Woo! My new N64

    Zelda Ocarina Of Time Rogue Squadron Turok 2 Lylat Wars And please DON´T GET QUEST 64/HOLY MAGIC CENTURY!!! It´s awful!! Spanish Don Glotón (who owns Holy Magic Century)
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    Majora's Mask - What do you think?

    I know that it depends on the player. But I´m a fan of Zelda series, and I couldn´t finish Majora´s Mask. I never got into it. It make me feel as if the guys at nintendo had taken añll the elements in Ocarina and make a strange cocktail. The greatest thing in Ocarina was the argument and how...
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    Best Sega System?

    Technical stuff apart, I love Dreamcast and Saturn. But I never ever liked the genesis. I always prefered the Supernes. With alll those colours and special effects... It´s now when I´m starting to love the megadrive. I think that Senmue is the best sega game ever (and probably the best...