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    cover scan requests

    are cover scan requests ok?
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    Sheinryu Burning Problems

    Ive burned tons of games, but the one I am having problems with is shienryu. This is like the last shooter I need for my collection!!! Anyways, I downloaded it at several places and the rar is about 30 MB. I was skeptical because it didnt have any audio files with it, and the game just seemed...
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    what the hell happened to the FTP forum?

    Ive been gone a while, and noticed the FTP forum is gone... what the hell happened?
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    Groove on fight

    Does it take about 4 seconds in the fight for the music to start? Or is my copy messed up and i need to make a new cue sheet or something?
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    Saturn region mod

    Can someone please direct me to a site with nice directions and pictures for the sega saturn region mod switch? Also, is a dpdt with on-on the correct switch for the job? like this one at radio shack?