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  1. Raster

    Help me finish up Frog Feast for the Dreamcast

    I need people to test the following CD image on their dreamcast machines (especially PAL): Please post back any problems encountered. The game is pretty much complete, except the music will be replaced in the final version.
  2. Raster

    PAL/NTSC and kos?

    How does kos handle PAL mode when DM_320x240 is set? Does it center the image on the pal screen, and is the buffer still 320x240 or does it expand to 320x256? And, can most PAL TVs properly display a PAL 60Hz image? Would it be better to specifically set DM_320x240_NTSC or DM_320x240_PAL?
  3. Raster

    Homebrew interest?

    Would you consider purchasing smaller homebrew Sega/Mega CD games starting at $10 to $13? At this price, only the CD with professionally printed label would be included. More expensive packages would be available. Assuming you would purchase the games, would you be more likely to buy just the...
  4. Raster

    Wanna see what happens when you make a game like Seaman
  5. Raster


    Has anyone tried HazeMD ( It has a debug version. I'm guessing it is more accurate than MESS, and has a really good debugger. You have to rename your roms to work with the program. For example the roms would have to go into a rom\g_f1h subdirectory under the HazeMD...
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    Rockin' B's rockin!

    Rockin' B's rockin! Nice work on Atlas creator!
  7. Raster

    Using MVS Tracker on a Genesis?

    Would it be possible to use MVS Tracker (MVS Tracker) to create music for the Genesis? Kaneda you have some experience with sound on the Genesis. The source to the replay routine for the Neo Geo has been released.
  8. Raster

    Frog Feast source code released.

    I've released the source code for the Sega CD version of Frog Feast. It's available at the Frog Feast homepage. You will need the CD to test out the compiled program, but the routines can be used without any limitations. The Sub program is a heavily modified version of the code from...
  9. Raster

    Frog Feast Released!

    Frog Feast for the Sega CD was released at the CGE and VGXPO over the weekend. It should appear shortly on Older Games.
  10. Raster

    Sega CD PCM format?

    What is the format of Sega CD PCM? It seems to be a modified form of an ADPCM. Is this correct?
  11. Raster

    Frog Feast preview available for the CD32

    The Frog Feast preview now runs on the Amiga CD32. Frog Feast website The CD32 is the next version that is being worked on. I will shortly have a demo in which the frogs are fully controlable.
  12. Raster

    Frog Feast update for the Genesis

    I've gotten the frog fully controllable in my Frog Bog clone. Check out for screenshots and to download a demo. I've switched to the NeoDev GCC ( to make the game logic easier to implement. I'm also...
  13. Raster

    Neo Geo Conversion Project

    I have successfully converted 4 (1/2) games from the Neo Geo MVS to the Neo Geo CD. More information can be found at:
  14. Raster

    Encryption key?

    I wonder how difficult it would be to get the current owner of the 3DO encrytion key to release it to the public? Any ideas who to contact or where to ask the question?
  15. Raster

    Wanted - 3D0 Devkit software

    Does anyone have any 3DO software they would be willing to sell?
  16. Raster

    3DO Debug bios

    Does anyone know if a 3DO debug bios has been dumped?
  17. Raster

    Encryption key?

    With the recent breakup of 3DO, I wonder if the CD encryption/key software was ever found? Which company ended up getting the general 3DO stuff? I saw a list somewhere of who bought what, but I can't remember where it is.
  18. Raster

    3DO system for sale on EBay.

    I have a Panasonic FZ-1 3DO available on Ebay. It starts at $9.95. The Buy it Now is $39.95. EBay listing The systems includes a Controller, GEX, and an A/V cable. This system reads CD-R disks fine. I used the cheap Walmart Maxell CD-Rs and Nero Burning Rom without any problems. (Walmart)
  19. Raster

    Neo Geo CD layout?

    I'm interested in creating a bootable Neo Geo CD disk. I've written a demo for the Neo Geo CD and would like to get it working (at least booting) on a real Neo Geo CD system. Does anyone know what the Neo Geo system looks for to determine if the game is a Neo Geo game CD or an audio CD? Does...
  20. Raster

    Sporting Clays source released

    I've *finally* gotten around to releasing the source code to Saturn Sporting Clays. It's available on Thanks to fredo64, I finally got it up there. Keep in mind this was written 4 years ago, and was a port from the PSX and N64 versions. It'd be really cool to...