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  1. maidtina


    I happened upon some of my old posts here today and thought i'd log in one more time. Anyone left?
  2. maidtina


    ok, i found myself a saturn for a whole £2!!!!! no pads or games but i managed to dig up a RF lead for it. Its the european version of the saturn with the oval buttons. Now i have heard much about this console and i'd like to see if it cuts the mustard. I'm gonna test it out and see if i can...
  3. maidtina


    Greets, I thought i'd drop by and say hi, been about a year since i visited here last and i was wondering how things were. So far at the moment i have lost my megadrive through and act i wont go into involving a row and a screwdriver, i am sat beside a nicely fremmeled out mega CD shell which...
  4. maidtina


    Found this page, look at the first pic that comes up, Wikkid Cinos
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    OK got a good one for you. The menu system in snatcher asks to select joypad. I'm asking if it was designed to work with a light gun for the shooting scenes. If so was it designed for the immensly crappy yet rare "menacer" gun, brought out purely to compete with nintendo's drain pipe, or another...
  6. maidtina

    Attn Arakon

    Hey dude, Got enough orders yet? I feel the need to add two DPDT switches, a short lead and a plug/socket and three blue LEDs to my rig
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    i have been hammering snatcher trying to complete it. I know my burn is sheeeite because its an iso/mp3 and we all know about the iso/mp3 synching problems of snatcher. I cant be buggered to re do the CD and i am going to have a hunt for the bin/cue version evenually when ican pin down a...
  8. maidtina

    New Dreamcast game

    I found this on attrition, i thought you might appreciate it :-)
  9. maidtina

    Moving Out

    Hiya, On saturday i'm moving out of my flat. I cannot move my ADSL easily so it might be a long time till i can get back here. If i get the chance i'll drop in at work but i dont know when i can. I'm gonna go on a mass downloading spree tonight as my last night. Get some anime and hopefully a...
  10. maidtina

    Forum game 0.98b

    Right. Lets try this again. No bashing or mentioning of SX members in a degrading way. Next person writes a line to the previos persons post (see the last game for details) Any questions, PM me dont post it in the thread I was in the second hand game shop when
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    You guys are not gonna believe this but some idiot has his car on its side on the pavement fixing the wheels, How the hell did he get that car like that? insane, i wish i had a camera
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    Oh come on where is your sense of fun? why did you delete it, did someone say something nasty? (apart from the lesbian thing)
  13. maidtina

    Forum game

    OK this is how it works, I start with a line then the next person adds another line and so on and so on. If i start "i was talking to arakon, when" the next person might say "a megadrive hit me over the head" "dropped by" "a flying pig" you get the idea? All rudeness and stupidity is...
  14. maidtina


    Hiya, nosing around linux trying to figure it out. I have this pain in the butt problem where i go into the virtual terminal, change terminal to log in as root to do some admin work and quit that terminal. How the hell do i get it back into KDE? i keep having to reboot because no online manual...
  15. maidtina

    Attn rattamahatta

    Ratta, hope you havnt posted that parcel yet, im being kicked out cos my landlord sold up. I was told by my housing agency that the next buyer would automaticly become the new tenants but ive just been told that they were lying and sold it to someone who actually wants to live in this shithole...
  16. maidtina

    32x in local market

    Would you believe it! when i went to work thismorning i passed through the market and they had a 32X for 25 quid fully boxed! by lunch time it had gone. If i wasnt skint i would have bought it, they usually go for £60. i'm p'd off now.
  17. maidtina

    I know its a bit off topic but...

    Saw this pic the other day before my system got rebuilt of a development xbox, it was transparent with green underneath and looked f***ing sweet! Anyone got a pic of this thing so i can mail it to microsoft asking why they didnt release the xbox looking like that. hail dreamcast
  18. maidtina

    Amazing 3d power!

    Hey!!!!!!!!! In its lowest settings I managed to make this piece of crap get 132 3D Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. maidtina

    101 things you can do with a dreamcast

    Just walked into my retro shop, and while asking if they ever get in "gunstar heros" and gloating over a MD 3 button arcade stick in the corner, i asked how much one of the small pile of dreamcasts were. i could have bought one for the same as i paid for my mega CD!!!! Now, While the dreamcast...
  20. maidtina

    Nero Burning Rom

    To the group,i thought i'd cracked it but i just coastered it again. It burned the aurio tracks uk but decided to burn the iso file as an iso file. Can anyone tell me how to persuade nero to burn the iso file as a track image and the audio as data? it seems to only want to do one or the other at...