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  1. chakan

    Wonderboy is back !!!!

    Was a charming Action/RPG. One of the better long-awaited returns in a long time.
  2. chakan

    Collect Saturn Github Projects

    Make sure to add them to the OP, vbt! SonicJump for Sega Saturn in action.
  3. chakan

    [NEW GAME] Verdict Guilty Clash

    Yeah, this one features characters from Breaker's Revenge. I had to dig through JoshProd's social media posts to figure everything out. I asked if he had a mailing list or anything... nothing. A simple fact sheet or something on the site would be nice. Hah. This is what I gathered about it on...
  4. chakan

    [RELEASE] Heart of Darkness

    Welcome aboard!
  5. chakan

    [RELEASE] Heart of Darkness

    Fixed. Thanks for the correction.
  6. chakan

    [RELEASE] Heart of Darkness

    Corrected my article!
  7. chakan

    [RELEASE] Heart of Darkness

    I threw together a Heart of Darkness Saturn page covering the development of the game and everything that happened. There's some media, including some 1995 press assets sent out to promote the game during that year. I honestly somehow missed this getting released when it did also!
  8. chakan

    Are you a lurker?

    I was lurking on the IRC for a day or two but only saw regurgitated links. I figured everyone was afk the whole time. :rockin:
  9. chakan

    Anybody Play MMORPGs?

    What a necro! I played the FUCK out of Final Fantasy XI for around a decade on and off. I had a pretty epic character, with most jobs leveled and multiple SUPER BADASS LONGTERM INVESTMENT weapons acquired. My Paladin had a Dring, Ochain, Aegis, Burtgang, and well fleshed-out equipment sets for...
  10. chakan

    What are the most prized systems that you own?

    Of all of the shit in my cluttered game room, I would my Saturn the most if something happened to it. My simple, basic model 2 US Saturn.
  11. chakan

    LastPass Just Got Hacked

    Did not hear about this. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. chakan

    Are you a lurker?

    I only read SegaXtreme for the articles... I don't view it for the pictorials... I swear. I was looking up some Saturn dev documents earlier and figured I'd do my random check on the site. Nice to see a bump in activity and a quickly loading site. Added the forums to my daily bookmarks again!
  13. chakan

    Shenmue 3

    Does this mean when I sang "check out my DC with Shenmue revolving" during "Ice, Ice, Chicken" in IRC that I was singing lies?!?
  14. chakan

    June 2015 - Magic Knight Rayearth - Sega Saturn

    Limbsaflyin liiiiiiiives!
  15. chakan

    How old is SX ?

    What the hell are they all doing on my lawn?!? I sat down for a Matlock marathon a little while ago and all of a sudden, there's a metric shit-ton of snot eaters out there! Wait, what? I think I missed something during the Murder She Wrote marathon of 2002-2009 I attended.
  16. chakan

    Segata Sanshiro Action Figure! Wow, I'm amazed I've never seen this before! Also, hello again!
  17. chakan

    Japanese Saturn/Mega CD Games

    Sakura Taisen Columns has been sold. Vampire Hunter is the second game in the series. See the series plot guide at the following GameFAQs page. Note: This is a FAQ page for Nightwarriors...
  18. chakan

    Japanese Saturn/Mega CD Games

    Trying to raise money right now. So out go some games I've either played "enough" of or can't read. If you want multiple games, lemme know. I'll give you a nice deal. I prefer PayPal, but would accept money orders, etc. The games are about as complete as can be and in great condition. I...
  19. chakan