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  1. malenko

    Let's hack NBA Jam Tournament Edition

    So if you're on the discord you already know about this, but I'm trying to document the Saturn version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition so that we can edit it like people have done with the SNES and PSX versions. There are a lot of similarities between the PSX version and the Saturn version but a...
  2. malenko

    Translating Fire Pro Blazing Tornado

    Files: Blazing Tornado - Google Drive So Ive shown pictures of this in my other Fire Pro translation project, but I think it's better if this game has its own thread. All the main menu text is done: Circuit Mode, aka the Arcade/Story mode.The Japanese text is a bit wordy , so think of this as...
  3. malenko

    Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

    I originally had this thread over at romhacking dot net but every post took a day or two to go up since it always needed moderator approval :/ I started poking around the 3 bin files on the disc and found the chunks of Japanese text. I'm using this JIS Table...