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    What's your squirrel name?

    What's your squirrel name? Input your name to find out your squirrel name. Real name - Nutty McBushy :lol: Forum name - Brigadier Honeynuts
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    I'm looking for a box scan of Kolibri, front side, of reasonable size. The ones I find are small, another was kinda pale and a large one I did find had watermarks. If someone can help me out thanks.
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    Looking for a PC PSO player

    Does anyone know someone who goes by Yasder in PC PSO games? I think that's what he was called. I need to get in touch with him about something.
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    Photo CD Operator

    Can someone please explain for me what it actually is capable of?
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    Copyright ring

    I'm not a tech expert by any means, maybe someone can read this and see if it would be possible using this burner to re-create the copyright text that appears around the edges of Saturn games.
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    N64 Gameshark Question

    What does it mean when the Gameshark for the N64 displays the number 8?
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    PSX cd drive

    Is it possible to switch a cd drive from a 1000 series with one from a 9000 PSone series? If it is feasible, how difficult is it to attempt?
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    Turbografix Forgotten Worlds question

    Did this disc have redbook audio of its BGM that was playable in a cd player?