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    Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

    Hey all, got more stuff I need to clear out this week, therefore I am negotiable with prices, and would love to get rid of alot of this stuff together, save you both money in cost and shipping. Playstation Stuff: V4 - Failed mod attempt I believe, black screen, no eject light, had a duo2 se...
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    Sega Genesis / CD system lot for sale

    Hey folks, I just put this lot on ebay cause I wasn't sure what it was worth, nor was I really in the mood to have it sitting around here without being used, hence it will be sold off on ebay in about 4 days now. Ebay Link to Sega Genesis Lot I don't have as much time for this stuff as I used...
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    Unmodded 1.4 Xbox and 3 Broken Xboxes

    Hey Folks. Firstly I have an unmodded 1.4 Xbox for sale here, that has a thompson drive inside of it. Now, it was once modded with an Aladdin Advance XT, DuoX2, and lastly an X3, however it was only used to test modchips before installing them in a customer's xbox, or my own for that matter...
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    Model 2 Saturn w/ 2 Controllers, Memory Card Plus

    So yeah, I have a Sega Saturn Model 2 System for sale that is in good condition, it is just missing the Battery cover off the back. It is modded with a modchip to allow you to play your backups, as well comes with a Memory Card Plus cartridge that allows for extra memory storage, as well as...
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    CD Access Lights on Model 2 Saturn

    Hey guys, I saw another user had done this modification to his Model 2 saturn, but he hasn't responded for a while, so I was wondering if anybody else knew how to do it. It'd be cool If I could get this on my saturn, make it look great. Thanks guys!
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    Yay The site is back up!

    I had to say it.
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    My Sega Saturn Model 1 For Sale

    I am selling my model 1 Sega Saturn, just through it on ebay along with 7 games. It has a low starting price, so hopefully it'll gather some interest. Here is the link: Ebay Sega Saturn for Sale. As you can see, I would like to get as much as possible for it, system works perfectly! Cheers...
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    E-Reader Cracked

    Check this out, the legendary dot-reading gameboy addon has supposedly been cracked. I wonder if we can get emulators on there now. LOL, j/k :) <------ (I spoke too soon, they are working on it) And there are now sites on the net with printable...
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    Happy Birthday Xeon3D

    I don't speak to you much, but it's your B-day. Happy Birthday!
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    Xbox Lovers in the house?

    All you xbox users, I got 16, yes you read it, 16 FREE xbox live 2 month subscription codes I am giving away. They expire on the 31st of this month, so i am trying to give em out to people who will use em in the 3 days left. Anyways, The price, they are free, however if you would like to, a...
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    WTB: Model 2 Saturn / Sell my Model 1

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a Model 2 Saturn. Needs to be working fine, and if it has a chip it's a bonus :) Please let me know how much you are wanting for it. As well, I got a Model 1 Saturn which I would sell so I can get the Model 2. Wanting $40 + shipping for it (I know it is pricey...
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    WTB: Luigi's Mansion and Starfox Adventures for GC

    WTB: Luigi's Mansion and Starfox Adventures for GC Hey guys, looking to get a copy of either of those games. Prefer a used copy with book and case, which works well and has no problems with it. Please let me know how much you want for it shipped to Canada. Thank you!
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    FS: v5 DMS3 v2 PS2 *Works Great*

    Hello All, got a Great working V5 ps2 with a dms3 v2 modchip installed in it for Sale. It has worked pretty well for the time we have had it, and works great with all the burns we have (we mostly got the blue labelled optodisc). We are in Canada, and do not mind shipping wherever, just as long...
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    For Sale: NES and Genesis Systems + More

    Got three NES Systems, All working, with hookups. Do not have new 72 pins in them, however I did get them to run pretty well with the couple games I own. Asking $15 + shipping each one. That's roughly what they sell on ebay for, and I am just too lazy to put in new connectors. Aswell, got 2...
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    Saturn Systems

    Looking to buy Model 2 Saturn Systems. Do not need to be modded or anything, just a normal unmodded system. Let me know your price, and hopefully we can agree on something ~Mark
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    Hey all. Need a model 2 saturn, that is working well and isn't modded. All i need is the console itself, however if it does not cost much more for the hookups, then i will take those aswell. Controller and Games = not needed. Aswell if you could let me know how many pin IC chip it has (if you...
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    Saturn Model 1 refuses to spin disc

    Hey all . got a Saturn Model 1 which turns on and everything however refuses to spin the disc. Guys got any idea what could be the problem. I suspect it has to do with the cd pot, and have messed with it trying to get it going, but have got no where. Thanks alot all.
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    Looking for Modded Model 2 Working Saturn

    Topic says it all, need a Modded Model 2 Working Saturn. Let me know the condition, and your price for it. I do not need any games or anything else:) Thanks
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    Wanted: 20 Pin Modchip for Model 1 Saturn

    Topic is exactly what i want. 20 pin modchip for a model 1 saturn. Let me know if you have one, and how much you want for one. I live in Canada.
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    Genesis/SNES Controller to computer

    Hello all, Recently i went to a site which contained schematics for hooking up many system controllers to the computer via parallel port. Now I have been trying to find this site for a while, without any luck, and was wondering if any of you would happen to know it. Only thing I remember about...