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    JHDL expliot extended

    Testing with JHDL exploit used in pseudosaturn for lauch backups, ive discovered that if you send the fake sector from a sega saturn boot disk while you got an original game in cd drive, cdblock disables security check till console power off. The process is the same described by JHDL and same...
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    ABus Interrupts

    Im triyin to receive interrupts generated in ABus, most exactly XBand interrupts. Ive set interrupts in this crazy way, to see wich vector is related with XBand. The INT_SCU_MODEM (aka vector 0X5C) interrupt fires once every time I Turn On and setup modem, but never again, rest of interrupts...
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    Saturn CD Block ROM dumped again.

    I've replicated the metod described by JHDL six years ago. Credits to antime, cause ive used his "serial transfer client" code. I used before in my SS with my own linux python "transfer tool" and an FT232RL, and worked very well. Only a minor adaptations has been needed to work in CDB SH1. For...