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  1. maidtina

    [Complete] Forum upgrades incoming

    I'm amazed this place is both still going and still being updated. I just had a retro trip looking at my old postings. Thanks for keeping a memory alive :)
  2. maidtina

    SEGA Classic Game System Cases For iPhone 5!

    Almost makes me want to get an iphone...
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    I think this might be appropriate
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    I happened upon some of my old posts here today and thought i'd log in one more time. Anyone left?
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    Funny Picture/Photochop thread

    BTW, i'm in the UK and we pay something in the order of US$6 a gallon for 95RON unleaded. I am thinking about an LPG conversion...
  6. maidtina

    South Park Uncut

    UK here, we've got somthing called watersheds here where after 9pm and 11pm (depending on level) TV channels can show what they like. Often things do slip by and get shown at an earlier time tho. I cant understand how american television can be so victorian about things...
  7. maidtina

    SegaXtreme Video Question

    i have a HP journada pocket pc but I cant see the point of playing them on it. i have my hacked iopener for that ^^
  8. maidtina

    Pokemon Rom

    and the result is, pocketmonsters 1 refused to load no matter what emulator pocketmonsters 2 went to the title screen and the options screen but refused to load level. tried kgen, genecyst, gens and kega lazarus. i'll try it again on a more powerful system when i get home
  9. maidtina

    Pokemon Rom

    just found the roms and downloaded them, i'll give you the report once ive transfered them into my portable and fired up kgen
  10. maidtina

    i got Colour 60hz using RF

    BTW there is a standard called pal 60 which allows pal to recieve 60hz signals instead of 50. whether your tv is managing to use this or your TV can accept both signal formats are two small possibilities
  11. maidtina

    Dumping Roms

    Looks like its simple enough to try, when i get another megadrive i'll make a point of trying it and posting the results
  12. maidtina

    Flash Cart for Genesis

    Very nice piece of kit. i'll add it to the extensivly long shopping list of things to get when i finally get a decent job
  13. maidtina


    ok, so its time to take out my trusty screwdriver and see. Also i'll keep my eyes peeled for round buttoned saturns as they are easier to mod
  14. maidtina

    How dodgy are you?

    p.s. selecting everything yes gives you... Downright Nasty: You're not just a law breaker, you're a pretty evil person… Some of those things you have done are gonna put you on a one way escalator going down when your time is up. Give up hope of changing, you're a lost cause! Based on your...
  15. maidtina

    How dodgy are you?

    I'm a bit crooked with 89.5 years and a 2 grand fine. BTW if they did divulge the results of this flash file then it would be considered not only a breach of the data protection act but also confession under false pretenses and therefore not admittable by law.
  16. maidtina


    ok, i found myself a saturn for a whole £2!!!!! no pads or games but i managed to dig up a RF lead for it. Its the european version of the saturn with the oval buttons. Now i have heard much about this console and i'd like to see if it cuts the mustard. I'm gonna test it out and see if i can...
  17. maidtina

    Can you use real Genesis controllers on your PC?

    i agree about plugging a megadrive controller in a serial port, bad news... its the electronic equivalent of putting bread in your video and expecting toast to come out
  18. maidtina

    NVIDIA making fun of its own cards?

    damn i missed it, if anyone could repost it i'd be thankful
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    Funny Picture/Photochop thread

  20. maidtina

    Worst game ever

    From my limited collection it has to be stormlord (jap cart i used to own) Italia 98 and the unholy menace that is altered beast...