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  1. Raster

    Saturn boot cartridge (for Police Officer Smith)

    Wow, great news. Is this generic enough for other games to use the boot cartridge?
  2. Raster

    Help me finish up Frog Feast for the Dreamcast

    The demo version has the flies disabled. I missed the tongue issue. That should be easy to correct. Thanks for testing it out.
  3. Raster

    Help me finish up Frog Feast for the Dreamcast

    I need people to test the following CD image on their dreamcast machines (especially PAL): Please post back any problems encountered. The game is pretty much complete, except the music will be replaced in the final version.
  4. Raster

    PAL/NTSC and kos?

    I found flashrom_get_region(), anyone know of any problems using this? It's listed as experimental.
  5. Raster

    PAL/NTSC and kos?

    How does kos handle PAL mode when DM_320x240 is set? Does it center the image on the pal screen, and is the buffer still 320x240 or does it expand to 320x256? And, can most PAL TVs properly display a PAL 60Hz image? Would it be better to specifically set DM_320x240_NTSC or DM_320x240_PAL?
  6. Raster

    Homebrew interest?

    For $10, you would get a CD with label in a paper sleeve. For $4 more you would get a standard jewel case with 4 sided booklet and tray card. Here's an example of the quality of their CDs...
  7. Raster

    Homebrew interest?

    Have you ever played Krakout on the C64 (it was also available for other systems)? Maybe something like this would be fun. It looks pretty cool. I'm not sure about copyright issues though. :)
  8. Raster

    Homebrew interest?

    Here's one additional question to add to the list: Would you purchase a $6 CD image, that you could burn for yourself, over a $10 (+ shipping) CD?
  9. Raster

    Homebrew interest?

    Would you consider purchasing smaller homebrew Sega/Mega CD games starting at $10 to $13? At this price, only the CD with professionally printed label would be included. More expensive packages would be available. Assuming you would purchase the games, would you be more likely to buy just the...
  10. Raster

    Wanna see what happens when you make a game like Seaman
  11. Raster

    About porting MAME

    You would probably have better luck porting one of the dedicated emulators, or a very early version of MAME.
  12. Raster

    EQX pro 8 SegaCD

    That's pretty amazing. Does it run on real hardware also?
  13. Raster

    Interesting docs ?

    These were all that was available when I started programming on the Genesis. There's some pretty good stuff in there though.
  14. Raster

    USB Downloading Device for Sega Saturn

    I got mine today. It was easy to get working, and I was able to successfully load my Sporting Clays and Chaos 89 demo. Cool stuff, maybe I'll work on some new stuff now. I wonder how hard it would be to use the ram in a 4 in 1 cart as a file system, and simulate CD related calls?
  15. Raster

    3D SGL export script for blender

    I wonder if this could easily be modified to support systems like the PSX and N64?
  16. Raster

    USB Downloading Device for Sega Saturn

    Would this also work with the Action Replay for the PSX?
  17. Raster


    Has anyone tried HazeMD ( It has a debug version. I'm guessing it is more accurate than MESS, and has a really good debugger. You have to rename your roms to work with the program. For example the roms would have to go into a rom\g_f1h subdirectory under the HazeMD...
  18. Raster

    Rockin' B's rockin!

    Rockin' B's rockin! Nice work on Atlas creator!
  19. Raster

    Using MVS Tracker on a Genesis?

    This sounds like potentially good news. Can't wait to hear more.
  20. Raster

    32 devcart snasm?

    There's a set on ebay right now.