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  1. Flakvin

    Sturmwind - A new 2D/3D shump !!!!!

    Love the backgrounds in this game. I think the only thing that might keep me from getting this is the price, it does seem a little steep after the British Pounds conversion. Hopefully, though, it'll be worth it.
  2. Flakvin

    Segata Sanshiro Action Figure!

    I need one!
  3. Flakvin

    What Media Player do you use?

    XMPlay for Audio (me likes the module music) MPC for Video
  4. Flakvin

    Good Place to Buy Sega Saturn Games London?

    If there's a Gamestation near you, they usually have stacks of Saturn games. My local one has a couple of boxes full of them.
  5. Flakvin

    High scores requested !!!...

    I see my Crazy Taxi score still hasnt been beaten. COME ON PPL, BEAT MY SCORE :eviltongue:
  6. Flakvin

    The Dreamcast Mouse

    As far as I know the Dreamcast mouse works in most, if not all, FPS games. I know it works fine in Quake 3 (as Dibz said), Unreal Tournament and Outtrigger. Dont know of any other games that use the mouse. Surprised Conflict Zone didnt use it, even though it would have been perfect for it...
  7. Flakvin

    Blue Stinger

    Shame the animation on the playable characters looked awefull. As it is, it has some nice effects on explosions and generally the game is quite fun to play. Reasonable effort for a DC release day game (i think).
  8. Flakvin


    naa they aint down.. just thought i'd come see whats going on in SX world. :rockin:
  9. Flakvin


    This game rocks, one of my fav Dreamcast games. Excellent graphics (best on Dreamcast i'd say), fantastic soundtrack (by the great Richard Jacques), and the motorbike sounds are cool ;) Some graphical glitches now and then, but overall you cant get much better than this (on Dreamcast anyway).
  10. Flakvin

    3 New Sega Soundtracks!!

    They all work fine for me. Check this thread out (also check what dibz posted in the thread too): It should help you to get the downloads working.
  11. Flakvin

    3 New Sega Soundtracks!!

    Today we have 3 new Sega soundtracks (or 'Sega music', which ever you prefer). All 3 are from Sega Saturn games: Dragon Force 2 Megaman X4 Rockman X3 Special thanks to Sixfortyfive for this little lot Enjoy
  12. Flakvin

    NiGHTS Into Dreams... authentic level tracks

    OH.. It's like that is it.. YOU'LL GET ME TO GET THEM UP.. OH... REALLY? Sure.. well. i guess I could do that.. it's not like I got anything else to do. ;)
  13. Flakvin

    Post your desktop v.2

    WOW [attachmentid=1160]
  14. Flakvin

    Saturn appraisal.

    You'll be lucky... ebay will probably remove the auction before it finishes. They dont seem to like ''modified'' consoles up for auction. :( I was gunna stick a few fully modded saturns on ebay.. but I just saw 2 other modded saturn ebay auctions removed.
  15. Flakvin

    Good SX News!

    Vanishing Point has been put on the site OMONowez.. it's been there for sometime now. If anyone found any dead/broken download links while on their downloading spree's, please email or PM me.
  16. Flakvin

    Virtua Fighter 2

    I preferred Fighters Megamix rather than regular VF1 or 2. VF2 never gave me enough enjoyment for it to become a classic in my eyes. I guess if I had bought VF2 before Megamix, I might have liked it a little more... Megamix just had that something extra that VF2 didnt.
  17. Flakvin

    SX Arcade!

    The only cheat around here is Akuma :argue
  18. Flakvin

    My new car!

    That last picture.... can you not park in between the lines?!?? I hate it when people dont park properly... even if you do have a $30k sports car.
  19. Flakvin

    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

    This game was good on the first disc.... but it got very weird (almost freaky) on the second disc. I couldnt be arsed to complete it.
  20. Flakvin

    Baby's Here...

    Baby's Here... Awww :)