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    This game is original and intriguing. I'm not done with it yet, but based on what I've played so far, I recommend that everyone at least borrow it for a few days and play it. It's hard to describe briefly so I'll just leave this open, and end my post right here.
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    Like a Dragon

    Sega unveiled a gritty new action/adventure game from Sega producer Toshihiro Nagoshi (Super Monkey Ball series, F-Zero GX, Spikeout) titled "Ryu ga Gotoku" in the red lights Kabukicho area of Tokyo's Shinjuku ward. Story courtesy of IGN.
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    Help & FAQ Section Update

    Help & FAQ Section Update I've made some changes to the Help & FAQ section of the site. It now uses a new layout, some content has been added, and some things have been removed. Here is a breakdown of the content changes: 1) The Scribe's extensive Genesis games list has been added to the...
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    New Game Endings

    The Master System Game Endings page has been updated with the following games: Alien Storm Alladin Aztec Adventure Ghost House Great Volleyball Incredible Crash Dummies Mercs Ren & Stimpy: Quest for the Shaven Yak Safari Hunt Sonic Chaos Streets of Rage Strider Wonder Boy in...
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    Does anyone want my magazine scanning job?

    I don't know what I was thinking when I told racketboy I'd be able to scan 21 magazines; one year later and I only have 60% of the first magazine scanned. This repugnant job has been staring me in the face every morining/afternoon as I look at my pile of stuff to do. If anyone can relieve me of...
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    Makai Kingdom

    Has anyone played the latest NIS game Makai Kingdom? I've been craving some more Disgaea type fun, but the other two games they made completely lacked the humor and atmosphere that Disgaea had, and was wondering if this will too. It got a 7.5 from GameSpot which seems to be the official score...
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    Anyone read any good manga lately?

    It's probably debatable whether this thread should be in the anime forum or not, but since a lot of popular mangas get an anime I thought it was closely related enough. Anyway, aside from Cowboy Bebop I could never really get into anime but I really like reading manga. Does anyone else enjoy the...
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    Radeon 9800 Pro is causing crashes

    I'm trying to get my brothers computer working with a Radeon 9800 Pro. We're playing Battlefield 2 and on high settings, after 30 seconds of gameplay, the screen freezes, turns black and restarts the computer. Same thing happens on medium settings, only it takes about two minutes instead of 30...
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    Do old/retro games hold up well over time?

    My question is, are old games equally enjoyable now compared to when they were originally released x years ago? I'm sure the answers will be different based on what kind of gaming you still do. For instance if you don't play current generation games, you'll probably answer yes, but for those of...
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    PC upgrade time

    You guys were all a big help when I built my computer almost two years ago, but I need more advice on upgrading key components, and I don't follow developments in technology so I don't know whats what anymore. I'm looking to replace the following parts: Processor - 3 Ghz/800 mhz FSB minimum...
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    MP3 vs. OGG

    Don't think this has been done before.... I've started ripping my CDs using Quality 6 Ogg Vorbis, and it is a tiny bit better sounding than MP3 so I am going to go with it for now.
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    release date vs ship date

    Whenever a new game is about to come out there are always assheads saying that the release date is in fact this so-called "ship date" and that the game will come out the day after, but time after time that is never the case for me. I always stroll into whatever game store and pick up a copy on...
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    Sonic ORPG?

    I'd make this a news post, but something about it screams BULLSHIT. Anyway supposedly a no name developer Panovation is working on an online RPG set in the world of Mobius from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon show. Here's an interview with the head of Panovation on the Sega messageboards...
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    I need a Genesis model 1 AC Adapter (1602)

    Topic Title. Does anyone have a spare, it's part # 1602. It can't be 1602-1 or anything like that. I'd appreciate it.
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    Do you have any complete/boxed Sega systems

    I'm looking for in-depth info on any complete Sega system from any region. Here's what I'm looking for to make a new section of the site, if you have a complete and boxed Sega console and are willing to contribute, send this info: • pictures of the front of the box, good quality (no glare)...
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    Car guys: Can you help recommend a car to me?

    So it's about time for me to get a car so I can leave this horrible place (my parents house :lol: ), but I have no idea what I'm doing. Not too long ago I didn't know what a hatch was. I can jerk around the salesmen just fine, but I need help picking out a new car that matches this criteria...
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    Full Auto

    This is Sega's second Xbox 360 offering developed by Psuedo Interactive--I thought it deserved a thread too since Condemed got one. It's like a cross between Burnout and Twisted Metal, it could turn out to be pretty cool. GameSpot Media Page (there are movies)...
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    What game console do you own the most games for?

    There's a limit to the amount of poll choices, so I picked the consoles I thought were best. :lol: (so why did I put N-Gage on there?...) I'm tied between Dreamcast and Xbox, I have 39 for both. I voted Xbox because I have a Halo 2 case with no game in it to make 39.5 games.
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    Seven New Genesis Game Endings

    New games have been added to the Game Endings Collection: • Batman Forever • Beavis & Butt-head • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine • Golden Axe II • Golden Axe III • OutRun 2019 • Rambo III See them here.
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    GameTap The GameSpot article says Sega is re-releasing Saturn games with this service I don't know, this could be interesting,...