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    Holy shit..

    This place still exists.
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    Well, damn.

    Who'd have thought that this rathole of nostalgia still exists?
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    Sky Rocketing Gas Prices

    you complain about that? try $7.10 a gallon over here, with expected prices of 8$ a gallon by end of next week.
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    Just got an RGB scart to component converter! :O

    as far as I am aware the circuit pictured on the first page doesn't work. it was tried by someone on another forum and it just didn't do anything. of course, he could've just fucked it up.
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    My Car Died :(

    this is what, the 12th time you smashed that car in the past 2 years?
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    Valentines Day

    I hate you all.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    sadly, there's a ton of people on the net who lie to cause actual harm. be it relationships or selling/trading items over the net or even just making friends. I for one do care. I have met people from the net, to trade/sell cause they happened to live close, and to play games, i.e. LANs. it's...
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    Match of the Millennium!

    woah.. teh l33tness! guess what? I got a dick! a major one too.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    ever considered that she may be a he somewhere completely else? or do you live in complete denial of reality? wait, disregard that last question. you answered it countless times.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    *bows* thank you, thank you. I love you all. except for rolfwillywhacko.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    remember, having tits doesn't necessarily make you a female. even with a cunt you can very well still be just a bitch.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    @des-row: then dontcha think it's finally time to get to work? man.. someone even made a huge list and everyone is annoyed by you, and you STILL ask. lemme guess.. you get off on that.
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    Match of the Millennium!

    you really have to ask?
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    Match of the Millennium!

    eh.. you'd be insane enough to let an insane female (?) prepare the stuff you plan on eating? anyways, I hate you all. actually not all, just rolfrunewashtubwhatever his name is, but the bible says it's better to share.
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    Gunstar Heroes

    the problem is alien homide is that it was initially a small flash game and was later more or less 1:1 converted to console.. and it shows. it's great and funny and all, but way unbalanced gameplay and hard as fucking hell cause of it. and what makes it worse, it's unfair.. not simply hard, but...
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    PS2 Freezes

    mod attempt? could be a bad connection on one of the bios pins.
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    MD1 hardwire Scart

    synch does NOT go to pin 8. it's only needed for the 32x. pin 8 should be connected to 5V, with a 100 ohm resistor from pin 8 to pin 16. also, GND should connect to pin 17, not pin 18.
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    Avatar Size is now 125x125

    er.. wtf.. my avatar is WAY oversized, despite the original pic being a lot smaller.
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    Wanna see modding pics

    42 pin eproms are rare, and capable programmers even more so.. they're quite expensive (both the chip and the programmer), not really worth it.. the tototek flashcard is much cheaper.
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    Sluts play VG's too...

    Sluts play VG's too... heh, that's already quite obvious.. ifriends, no? I used to have a friend who cammed there regulary, it earns you quite a bit.. if you are a woman.